Processing Unit

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Processing Unit by Mind Map: Processing Unit

1. Input Devices

1.1. Keyboards and a mouse are the main kind of input devices for computers

1.2. Devices used to feed the computer information you want

2. Output Devices

2.1. Devices that show the desired information to the user

2.2. Computer monitors and printers are the top examples of output devices

3. Benefits & Challenges of Incorporating Input Devices into Classroom

3.1. A benefit of incorporating a keyboard and mouse into the classroom is that students that have trouble writing can use a keyboard to type notes or work.

3.2. Challenges of incorporating a keyboard into the classroom are space, envy, and responsibility. You need to have the space in the classroom to have the computer. Along with this if only one student gets to use the computer, others will want to as well. Finally it would be difficult to get the student using the computer and keyboard to stay on task.

3.3. One type of input device that I think is great that all classes should have are i-clickers or anything to that nature. These input devices make education fun and easy as they're engaging for the students and geat assessment tools for teachers.

4. Benefits and Challenges of Incorporating Output Devices into the Classroom

4.1. Benefits of incorporating output devices such as a computer monitor and it's accessories is student engagement. Students that can use the computers will be more engaged in learning.

4.2. Challenges of incorporating monitors into the classroom are space and money. To be able to incorporate these pieces of technology into the classroom you need room and the money to get them.

4.3. An example of a great output device that is used in many classrooms is a SmartBoard. These output devices make teaching engaging for students and easy for teachers.