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Air & Enviroment by Mind Map: Air & Enviroment

1. Composition of clean air

1.1. Nitrogen

1.1.1. 79%

1.2. Oxygen

1.2.1. 20% High amount of oxygen in the might contribute to more combustion such as more frequent forest fires. Low amount of oxygen might not be enough for the demand for organisms to respire.

1.3. Other gases

1.3.1. 1% Carbon dioxide 0.03% Argon Neon Helium Water vapour

2. Pollutants

2.1. Carbon monoxide

2.1.1. Effects CO reacts with haemoglobin in blood to form carboxyhaemoglobin. As a result, haemoglobin cannot transport oxygen to the rest of the body Causes Headaches Fatigue Breathing difficulties Death!

2.1.2. Source Incomplete combustion of fossil fuels such as pertrol

2.1.3. Features odourless colourless poisonous gas

2.2. Sulphur dioxide

2.2.1. Source volcanic eruption combustion of coal fossil fuels crude oil natural gas

2.2.2. Effects irritates eyes irritates the lungs to cause breathing problems may cause bronchitis acid rain reacts with rain water to form acid rain

2.3. Oxides of nitrogen

2.3.1. Source exhaust fumes lightning

2.3.2. Effects similar to

2.4. Ozone

2.5. Unburnt hydrocarbons

2.6. Methane