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Coronavirus COVID-19 by Mind Map: Coronavirus  COVID-19

1. Means to support the economy

1.1. Temporary relief on tax and wage costs

1.2. Funding banks to lend to firms that are suffering

2. Problems revealed

2.1. health-care system

2.1.1. a lot of uninsured americans cant afford medical care

2.1.2. In America both the health-care system and paid-leave laws are poorly configured for epidemics

2.1.3. lack of equipment to protect people from disease

3. Economic consequences

3.1. gdp in America and Europe would be 2% or 8% lower

3.2. The yield on ten-year Trea-suries dipped below 1% for the first time eve

4. Companies diversification

4.1. General Motors and other companies make facial-masks and mask-making machines now

5. Governmental role

5.1. public belief in health offices (by country)

5.1.1. 78% of Canadians trust government health advice. In Germany and Britain the number was over 80% and in South Korea a remarkable 86%. In Italy it was just 63%; in America 59%

5.2. how people are tracked

5.2.1. In China personal data from electronic payment and social media apps have been used to track people’s movements

5.2.2. South korea has produced an app which reports on quarantined people’s movements

5.3. protectionism inside the country

5.3.1. China hid the presence of the disease and punish true-tellers

6. South Korea

6.1. facts

6.1.1. the government is being for thright

6.2. actions

6.2.1. testing 10,000 a day

6.2.2. The government has produced an app which reports on quarantined people’s movements and can alert authorities

7. The USA

7.1. mistakes

7.1.1. tested just 472 people

7.1.2. the government did not take the threat seriously at the very beginning

7.2. facts

7.2.1. a quarter of employees have no access to paid sick leave

7.2.2. A lack of preparedness has forced the quarantine of 124 staff because of a single patient in California

8. China

8.1. facts

8.1.1. China is now making 116m face masks a day

8.2. actions

8.2.1. drafted in 40,000 health workers to Hubei province.

8.2.2. people have been restricted to their homes for five weeks in Wuhan

8.2.3. they closed down almost all social and economic activity

8.3. mistakes

8.3.1. officials "minimised risks" and punished truth-tellers