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HAVE by Mind Map: HAVE


1.1. present tense

1.1.1. Interrogative Negative Have I not/ Haven’t I ? Have you not/ Haven’t you? Has he not/Hasn’t

1.1.2. affirmative I have/ I've You have /You've He has/ He's, She has/ She's, It has/ it's We have/We've You have/ You've They have/ They've

1.1.3. negative I have not/ I haven't You have not/ You haven't He has not/ He hasn't, She hasn't We have not/ We haven't They have not/ They haven't

1.1.4. interrogative Have I? Have you? Has he?, Has she?, Has it? Have we?

1.2. past tense

1.2.1. Affirmative Had for all persons

1.2.2. Negative: had not /hadn't for all persons

1.2.3. Interrogative: had I?

1.2.4. Interrogative negative: had I not/hadn't I?

1.3. present perfect:

1.3.1. I have worked

1.4. past perfect:

1.4.1. I had worked

1.5. future perfect:

1.5.1. I will have worked

1.6. perfect conditional:

1.6.1. I would have worked


2.1. Present

2.1.1. Affirmative Have/ Have (got)

2.1.2. Negative: Don't have / Haven't got

2.1.3. Interrogative Do you have?/ Have you got?

2.2. Have (possess): He has a black beard. I've had this car for ten years. She will have enough money a year when she retires.

2.3. Past

2.3.1. Affirmative:

2.3.2. Had

2.3.3. Negative: Didn't have/ Hadn't got

2.3.4. Interrogative Did you have / Had you got


2.4.1. In Britain and for habitual actions it might be said: I've got a headache. Do you often have headaches? Can you help me now? Have you got time?

2.4.2. In America it might be said: Can you help me now? Do you have time?

2.4.3. Got is not added in short answers: Have you got an ice-axe? Yes, I have.

2.4.4. Have has different meanings: We have lunch at one. They are having a party tomorrow. Did you have trouble with customs? I hope you will have a good holiday.

2.4.5. Have is used in continuous tenses, negative and interrogative without got: We're having breakfast early tomorrow. (near future) I'm having a bath, I can't answer the telephone. (present) Did you have a good time? I didn't have a good journey.