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RCS - Add/Edit Work Request (WR) by Mind Map: RCS - Add/Edit Work
Request (WR)
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RCS - Add/Edit Work Request (WR)

WR form

All fields on this form populates the tblWorkRequest table

001 - Generate WR #

ADD WR - Check the tblWorkRequest for the last WR # created and then add 1 - checks the workRequestNumber field

002 - Generate Subtask #

ADD WR - workRequestNumberSub will always be a zero  

003 - Populate the Flight drop down list box (ddlb)

ADD WR - DDLB is populated by tblFlight flightName column - this will be maintained by the admin in the Access end

Multiple Dependent DDLB

004 - Contract ddlb

005 - Program Elements ddlb

006 - Ops Center ddlb

007 - Faciliity ddlb

008 - Charge number ddlb

009 - Charge number description ddlb

2 Selects Related

010 - Product Type ddlb

011 - Product Class ddlb

012 - Product Name ddlb

013 - Product title textbox

014 - Customer Name ddlb

015 - Customer Role ddlb

016 - Support Dept ddlb

017 - Estimated Pages textbox

018 - Input Pages textbox

019 - Output Pages textbox

020 - Date Created - auto generated - label

021 - Final Due Date - textbox with js calendar attached

022 - Final Due Time - textbox with js calendar attached

023 - Work Request Date Close - this should be auto generated when the Close button is clicked

024 - Instruction Comments

High Level View of how this form works

User initiates a new WR

Fills required fields on the form

Add a review schedule if necessary

This opens up in a new window

From this screen they can create subtasks. A complete WR must be completed before a subtask can be initiated

From this screeen they can close the WR. Closing a WR will close all subtasks associated

User can delete the WR if necessary. Delete does not actually delete but changes the status to inactive - verify that this field in the tblWorkRequest is created

SubTask Form is the WR form with some fields disabled

WR Form Buttons

001 - Save - Updates the current WR

002 - Print - Provides the user with a printer friendly version of the WR and the review schedule

003 - Add Review Schedule

All fields on this form gets populated to the tblReviewSchedule and is related to a specific WR  

004 - Close - Closes the WR and all associated subtasks. Adds a close status to the tblWorkRequest - Make sure this field exists

005 - Create subtask - cannot be created unless the WR has all required fields populated

ADD SubTask Form

Review Schedule Form

The WR# and subtask # have to be passed to this form so that they have an established relationship in the db.  Review schedules are displayed in date and time order.  Find out if ascending or descending.

Displays all review schedules associated to a WR, Status Start Date, Schedule Status, Plan to Customer Date, To Customer Date

Buttons, Add Review Schedule, Form, Displays the WR# & subtask as a label, Status Start Date - input box with js calendar, Schedule Status ddlb, Plan to Customer Date, To Customer Date, Buttons, Add Status, Clear, Delete, Edit