animals and the environment

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animals and the environment by Mind Map: animals and the environment

1. food chains

1.1. prey: victim

1.2. predators: hunter

1.3. producer: makes their own food

1.4. carnivores: eat meat

1.5. herbivores: only eats plants

1.6. omnivores: eats meat and plants

1.7. consumers: organisms that eat other organisms to get energy

1.8. scavengers:

1.9. decomposer:

1.10. food webs

2. changing the planets

2.1. ozone

2.2. acid rain

2.3. earths atmosphere

2.4. carbon dioxide

3. preventing extinction

3.1. lost animals

3.2. providing sanctuaries

3.3. saving habitats

3.4. removing predators

3.5. captive breeding

4. habitats

4.1. rainforest

4.1.1. example animals. sloth, great hornbill, flying frog, viper snake and monkey

4.2. desert

4.2.1. example animals. kangaroo rat, water holding frog, camel, fennec fox and addax antelope

4.3. antarctic

4.3.1. example animals. polar bear, walrus, arctic fox, shorthorn sculpin and narwhal

4.4. woodland

4.4.1. example animals. hedgehog, ground squirrel, squirrel, owl and stag beetle

4.5. Savannah

4.5.1. example animals. zebra, cheetah, impala, giraffe and elephants

4.6. mountain

4.6.1. example animals. ibex, llama, yak, mountain goat and bear

5. feeding ourselves

5.1. habitat destruction

5.2. pollution

5.3. invasive plants and animals

5.4. avoiding pollution

5.5. growing more producers

5.6. planning for the future