Coronavirus disease (COVID -19)

Coronavirus mental map

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Coronavirus disease (COVID -19) by Mind Map: Coronavirus disease (COVID -19)

1. Explanation

1.1. an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus

1.2. it's more dangerous for older people and those with medical problems

1.3. it spreads through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose

2. Increase of human deaths

2.1. hospitals are full and there is not enough respirators for everyone

2.2. people with poor imune system are most likely to die

2.3. older people are the main target of this horrible disease

2.4. countries with most death cases

2.4.1. Italy

2.4.2. Spain

2.4.3. USA

2.4.4. China

2.4.5. etc.

3. Hospitals and WHO (World Health Organization)

3.1. attempts of creating vaccine

3.1.1. vulnerable comunities are most likely to get the vaccine first


3.2.1. a clinical-stage biotehnology company

3.2.2. they used ovary cells from caterpillar which they purified and made the protein that stops virus binding to human cells

4. Coronavirus: The latest from Europe - BBC News

5. Prevention

5.1. washing our hands with soap

5.2. using hand sanitizers

5.3. wearing masks

5.4. cleaning the screen from our smartphones with alcoholic wipes

5.5. social distancing

5.6. staying home (if it's possible)

6. Changes in people's lives

6.1. most of the people are working from home instead of working at their workplace

6.2. families consolidate locations

6.3. public transport is unavailable

6.4. personal trasport is limited

6.5. public events are cancelled

6.5.1. concerts

6.5.2. sport events

6.6. schools are closed, students are learning from home

6.7. mood swings

6.7.1. mental instabilities are more frequent

6.7.2. depression

6.7.3. missing hanging out with friends

6.8. quarantine/self-isolation

6.9. people are earning less money than usual

7. Economy

7.1. tourism

7.1.1. people can't leave their countries

7.1.2. agencies are cancelling trips

7.1.3. there are no tourists

7.1.4. this season is expected to be one of the worst tourist seasons

7.2. stock market crash

7.3. investors fear the spread of the coronavirus will destroy economic growth

7.4. many countries worldwide are going through financial crisis