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Output by Mind Map: Output

1. Tactile output

1.1. Tactile output provides the user with a physical response from the device

2. Printers

2.1. A printer produces text and graphics on a physical medium

2.1.1. Printed information is called a hard copy, or printout

2.2. A nonimpact printer forms characters and graphics on a piece of paper without actually striking

2.2.1. Ink-jet printers

2.2.2. Photo printers

2.2.3. Laser printers

2.2.4. Thermal printers

2.2.5. Mobile printers

2.2.6. Label and postage printers

2.2.7. Plotters

2.2.8. Large-format printers

2.3. Impact printers form characters and graphics on a piece of paper by striking a mechanism against an inked ribbon that physically contacts the paper

2.3.1. Dot-matrix printer A dot-matrix printer produces printed images when tiny wire pins on a print head mechanism strike an inked ribbon

2.3.2. Line printer A line printer prints an entire line at a time

3. Display devices

3.1. A display devices visually conveys text, graphics, and video information

3.2. A monitor is packaged as a separate peripheral

3.2.1. LCD monitor Liquid crystal display (LCD) uses a liquid compound to present information on a dusplay device Active-matrix display Passive-matrix display

3.2.2. Widescreen

3.2.3. Plasma monitors Plasma monitors are display devices that use gas plasma technology and offer screen sizes up to 150 inches

3.2.4. CRT monitor New node A CRT monitor is a desktop monitor that contains a cathode-ray tube

4. Force-feedback game controllers

4.1. Force-feedback sends resistance to the device in response to actions of the user

5. Interactive whiteboards

5.1. An interactive whiteboard is a touch-sensitive device, resembling a dry-erase board, that displays the image on a connected computer screen

6. Data projectors

6.1. A data projector is a device that takes the text and images displaying on a computer screen and projects them on a larger screen

7. Speakers, headphones, and earbuds

7.1. An audio output device produces, music, speech, or other sounds

7.2. Headphones are speakers that cover your head or are placed outside of the ear

7.3. Earbuds or earphones rest inside the ear canal

8. An output device is any type of hardware component that conveys information to one or more people

9. Output is data that has been processed into a useful form