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Where / Who / What by Mind Map: Where / Who / What
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Where / Who / What

Where - Green is Kingdom, Red is an enemy of the Kingdom, Blue is GM netural to or allied with. Who and What- Black is default, Green is on the council, Red is an enemy, gold and black is royality.



The Lamb family Smithy is one of the first business in Tuskany. The parents of Jacob Lamb were among the hundreds of people camping outside Oleg's trading post before Tuskany was founded. Over the first few years his trade has flourished. with the steady supply of ore provided by the Sootscale Clan and the demand for weapons and armor for the local wardens and guard.


Ben Holister is the largest and best Cooper in the Kingdom. He has taught his craft to only a select few and they have the monopoly on barrels and containers in the Green Marches.


Samuel Corville runs Corville Chandlery and Supply. He started as a transport service with one wagon. Three years later he runs wagons to all of the outlying farms and fishing villages. While not all of the farmers and fishermen use his services enought do that his wagons ship the majority of the food around the Green Marches and almost all that is exported outside the Kingdom. Within the last year they have branched out to general goods and have set up shops in the capital, Olegton and Sootscaila.

Old Beldame

For years she was called the swamp witch and people said she was a hag. CJ saw past that and when encountered did as she requested, gained her trust and a valuable member of the kingdom. She produces many magical potions and oddities as well as sitting on the council as the Magistar


Hugh Flecher has run a small bowyer and flecher shop. Over time his quality bows and arrows have led to him either buying out the compition or driving them out of business.


A boggart that CJ set up with a distillery after tasting his home brew Bog Wiskey. The Wiskey has sold well and even the young casks sell for a moderate price. Garuum is very protective of his aging stock. They also do a Bog Stout that does well and is quite potent. He maintains pools of dragonflys at the banks of the Tuskwater when he is not at the distillery. They seem to make up a large part of his diet.


R.I.P. or Gone


A rabble rouser that was run out of town on rails. He has been exiled for life with a death sentence if he ever returns to the Green Marches. Whenever things are tough his name comes up. He is considerd by many to be the voice of the people. He is also used to show how willing the council is to crush that voice.


Founding Member of Clan Jambs Full Name: Asphelia Gallonica Bywater Alias: Asphelia Gallonica the Ankle Biter, Astrea Greensward Birthdate: 1 Desnus 4679 Description: A 2'11", 37 lbs halfing female with waist length hair and sage green eyes. Her hair is light brown with lots of golden highlights, so she looks almost blond in the sunlight. As Astrea the human child, she wears her hair in pony tails on either side of her head, held in place with bellflower shaped hair ties. She wears a knee length dress with frilly bloomers that peak out underneath. The dress is shades of green and is very girly. She often stands in a pose of wide-eyed innocence and has a tiny stuffed white tiger she carries around with her. As Asphelia the halfling druid, she favors shirts and skirts tailored to fit her curves, often with long sweaters or vests over the top. Her favorite colors are greens and golds, with some blue for variety. Her hair is pulled back in elaborate braided updo's and she often wears a small pair of pince nez. She also favors shoes with a bit of a heel, allowing her to top 3' in height. Background: v Asphelia was born in Kerse, Druma, while her parents were escorting a caravan of escaped slaves from Cheliax to the River Kingdoms. She was born early, taking her mother by surprise. Her parents finished the trip with the caravan and then set up house near Mirabella’s parents in Brevoy. Whenever the Network called on her parents, they left, leaving baby Asphelia with her grandparents Mephis and Celandine. Upon reaching her teens, her parents would let Asphelia accompany them on some of the trips through southern Avistan. She provided cover on their mission and they wanted to familiarize her with the paths throughout the continent. She joined the Bellflower Network on her 20th birthday, eager to actively participate in the organization she watched her parent’s dedicate their lives to. Her first assignment was in Westcrown, Cheliax. She was to assist slaves in leaving their masters and starting on the road to freedom. The Bellflower network got frusterated with Astrea, however, as she would only help slaves that were in their position through no fault or action of their own. Asphelia had sucessfully assisted several groups of slaves in escaping their master's and fleeing Westcrown. She was working on another assignment at the home of Count Alenzi when she beheld a baby white tiger in a cage. The Count had several wild animals in his menagerie, including a deinonychus, a snowy owl, and an eagle. Every time Astrea visited the Count's children, she would visit the white tiger. They struck up an affinity during her visits, until she finally had to help the tiger escape. On the night the Count's slaves escaped, so did his tiger. Fearing her cover was compromised, the Bellflower Network sent an agent named Branna to assist in Astrea's disappearance from Westcrown. The pair headed across Avistan to the Stolen Lands, near to where Asphelia grew up. The Sword Lords of Restov heard of the pairs arrival and invited them to a party one evening. The rest is history...


Killed during a scuffle over some logs. It was a huge blow to the reputation of the party and is a scandle that is still talked about.


Ran a Herbilist commune a few miles away from Olegton. Died of natural causes in 471?

Cohort: Timmons

Young and loves reading about adventures. He was part of the original guards that came with Kestan to Oleg's. Forced into the guard in Brevoy when caught thieving. He is now a responsible member of the kingdom and a companion to heroes as the royal champion. He died while in

Caspar Morgarion

Priest of Erastil

Willas Gundarson

A Ulfen Historian/Barbarian who is part of Varn's group of exploration. He had a bit of a fling with the Venture Captain Gerda.

Meagar Varn

The Baron of Varnhold, and the fiance of Marissa. He is the thrid son of house Varn a Noble Brevoy family. An acomplished swordsman in the Aldoli style. Not much of a diplomat when dealing with nonhumans. A good dancer with a winning smile.

Cephal Lorentus

Wizard loves his birds.


Founding Member of Clan Jambs



Stags Leap

A holy site to Eristal. The taint was removed by Clan Jambs and the area was turned over to Jhod to build a temple. A quiet village of around 100 people has built up around the temple.


Founding Member of Clan Jambs Full name is Master Snowdon, but affectionately called Snowy by Asphelia. Five year old large male white tiger.  Stands 8'7" and weighs 450 lbs. Is the animal companion of Asphelia Gallonica.  Has been with her since he was one year old.  He had been captured in the Linnorm King lands and sent to Westcrown as a gift to a Chelix Noble with a fondness for exotic creatures.  As it happened, Asphelia was working on freeing the Noble's slaves and saw Snowy in his cage every time she visited the Noble's children. Freeing Snowy from his prison in Chelix precipitated Asphelia's departure from Westcrown.


Jhod and his hound dog Roofus have been aound from almost day one. He is now the leader of the small community at Stags Leap.


Small Town founded by halfling refugees from Cheliax.

Jubilost Narthropple

An adventurer and his extended family. They can be found all across the stolen lands maping and exploring, often at the request of the Ruling Council.




Miriam Kolesev

Owner of the Waterhorse Inn


Emma Roberts



Mining camp run by the remains of Clan Sootscale. The hamlet (64) is a mix of mostly Halflings with the rest made up of Humans and Kobolds.

Mik Mek

Chief Sootscale


The Capital city and home to Clan Jambs (CJ). It sits on the northern bank of the Tuskwater on the site of the old Stag Lords fort.

Maestro Ervil Pendrod

A renowned Iborian scholar and composer. Also, an old teacher of Megar Varn. Kidnapped, along with all of the inhabitants of Varnhold by the Cyclops Lich Vordakai. He now all but lives in the Pathfinder Lodge translating the tablets found in Vordakai's lair.


Simple farmers in a proud rural area in Taldor, Akiros’s parents wanted nothing more for him than lifeas a protector of the town—as a paladin of Erastil, no less. Every moment of Akiros’s life was spent in preparation for his acceptance into the order, yet not one month after he achieved his parents’ dream and became a paladin, Akiros fell in love with the married daughter of one of his hometown’s wealthier merchants, a woman named Rosilla. The affair ended all too soon when Rosilla’s husband found out what she’d been up to and threatened to divorce her. The thought of losing the life of luxury was too much, and she told her husband that Akiros had raped her. Furious, he took Rosilla to the temple of Erastil to confront her attacker. The young paladin was flabbergasted, but when Rosilla took things too far by spitting on him and publicly denouncing him as a rapist, a heretofore unknown rage woke in Akiros’s heart. All of his repressed frustrations and anger poured out in one powerful blow, and with that blow he snuffed out Rosilla’s life. As she crumpled to the floor, Akiros knew his life had been snuffed out as well. He turned on Rosilla’s dumbfounded husband and killed him as well, and with the temple guards still in shock, he fled the city. He barely made it out of Taldor, stowing away on a merchant ship bound for Mendev. Akiros switched ships dozens of times as he fled north, losing himself in the River Kingdoms, living as a bandit, a vagabond, and a criminal, and growing to enjoy his newfound rages. Erastil let him see Branna as somone who could stand up to the stag lord. Freeing her from his captivity he stayed behind to aid her when she returned to confront him again. When CJ returned to rid the lands of the Stag Lord Akiros fought with CJ VS the Stag Lord. Fully expecting to be executed CJ bolsterd his hope and he has been working for them ever since. He sits on the council as the Warden.


The natural werewolf that infected Branna. The local wolf population look to Blackmane and Branna as the Alphas. He does not frequent any paticular settlement but is normaly at Branna's side when she is in a town. His past is murky. It is likely that he came to the Green Marches from Andoran as he has a pronounced Andoran accent. From that is a small jump to assume that he is from somewhere in the Darkmoon Vale area. When he met Branna he had a very crewl streak (CE) but this has tempered over the years (CN). He has been working to create a village deep in the Green Marches Preserve for the werewolf population of the Narlmarches. He sits the council as Spymaster but is also the deputy Marshal for Branna.

Kestan Garess

Once a soldier who led a misfit group of guards from Brevoy to guard Oleg's trading post. He sits on the council as General

Jemanda Orlashen

Representative from Oppara's Kitharedian Academy. She arrived in Tuskany looking for Maestro Ervil Pendrod (see Varnhold)

Tina and Jorjie

Two girls captured by the Stag Lord and set free by CJ. Tina is dark and full of fire. She has made herself very useful as the castle Chatelaine. Jorjie was a wreck after physical abuse from the bandits. She found her haven in the kitchens and they are now her domain.

Clan Jambs

The Heroes of the story. The leaders of the Kingdom of the Green Marches.

Adventuring Groups

The Pathfinder Lodge

Gerda is the Venture Captain of the Pathfinder Lodge in Tuskany. She also sits on the council


Village with a Trading Post.

Oleg & Svetlana

Made Baron and Baroness in 4713 and provesions have been made for them to step in as rulers when Clan Jambs is on the road. Svetlana has a son named Jacob that was born in 4713

Lizardfolk Village


Gate guard and the first Lizard Folk CJ met.


The New Chief

Fey Narlmarches

The Narlmarches, also known as the Narlmarch Woods, bifurcate the Stolen Lands. The Narlmarches spreads across the lowlands of the region and feature craggy hills, lazy streams, deep ravines, and a great variety of trees, including oak, beech, and rushleaf. The region hosts a rich variety of wildlife as well, with elk, rivercats (a cousin to the bobcat, with a strange sort of mossy-fur), black bears, many large rodents, boars, and brush thyclacines. Stranger still are the giant owls, will-o'-wisps, owlbears, and aggressive vegetation. While the Narlmarches lie within the Kingdome of Green Marches they fey that live in the wood hold their own court. Clan Jambs respect the hold the fey have over the forest and frequetly give them gifts of sweets, mead and song. Because of this the fey rarely disturb travlers in the forest and any pranks played are non threatening.




Fey Lake Silverstep

Lake Silverstep, so named for the legend that its waters filled the footprint of a great silver wyrm many ages ago, is the cleanest and clearest source of water in the Stolen Lands. Its primary source is from the Gurdin River, but countless smaller rills and streams empty from the mountains in dramatic cascades along the lake’s eastern shores. The shores surrounding the lake consist of idyllic swaths of nettles, cattails, reeds, and lilies and are home to numerous nixies, grigs, and faerie dragons. These fey are incredibly bashful and shy. The waters of Lake Silverstep host an enormous variety of fish; the most common are small, thick-bodied silver eels—quite delicious and much sought after by gourmet chefs. The fact that dangerous predators often hunt along the shores of the lake, combined with the fact that silver eels are difficult to catch due to their uncanny ability to sense hooks in bait, together ensure that demand for the eels remains high.


A Bloodwedd that spoke with CJ after they fought the Soul Eater at the shores of Lake Silverstep


Nomen Tribe

The Nomens are a matriarchal society led by a warpriestess, a centaur dedicated to the worship of Desna in an aspect they call “Mother Moon.” The great majority of the Nomens are females, who comprise their principal warrior class. Though males are allowed among their number, they represent a much smaller portion. Males are instead encouraged to take up the bow as hunters, a much safer profession, in order to prevent their potential loss in battle—the loss of enough males would spell the doom of the entire tribe as it could no longer reproduce in viable numbers. Although they speak Common, they do so relatively poorly and prefer to speak in Sylvan or an archic form of Elvish.There are 200+ adult centaurs in their prime, 100+ children (too young to fight) 25+ elderly (Many run the blood furrows when they get too old to keep up with the tribe.) There is an 80% Female (160+) 20% Male (40+) ratio. Men are hunters and maintain the camp. They can marry but more often just have open relationships and extended families. This has been the “way” for hundreds of years. They live in yurt like tents and move camp every few weeks depending on the signs from mother moon. They do not grow food, they are hunter gathers. Very little of their food is cooked and meats are most often smoked.


The Bellflower network sent them to the Green Marches with hopes that they could integrate them into the kingdom.


Point has a ram’s head and hooves, and is the lead animal handler of the group.


Brickhouse lives up to his name - large, muscular, redish skin, long black hair and thin horns.He’s also a bit of a smooth-talker.


Bloat is big, round and jowelly, with a fleshy, pockmarked face


Misty is a soothsayer, and apart from her flat face, scaly skin and a snake for an arm, could pass for a fortune teller at any fair.

Bits & Bobs

Twin Bother and Sister. They both have goat eyes (square), horns, tails and legs. He is an alchemist batcrap crazy. She is a doormat and spends her day running around for others.


Albino with bone chains pushing out through her skin all across her body. It makes a odd clicking noise as she talks and moves.


Looks like a devilish Satyr. Very jittery and quick to speak and act. The others look to him as a leader.


No hair, bone thin, scorpion like tail. Elvish? Summons the dead and bone armor.


Snap is the source of the weirdness from the lead wagon, has red eyes and spikey teeth, and looks too frail to use the very large sword she is armed with.


Wildfire is an attractive woman with blonde hair streaked with red, firey eyes and a smell of sulphur and brimstone, and not many clothes.

Outlaw Council


Artume- Sir Bransen Waike (regent Human, male) Looks like a knight of the realm. Big, solid, blond and not bad to the eye. He was elevated to this position in 4690 AR by Queen Sovella Artume. Artume is known for some of the finest livestock and leather work in the region.


Daggermark- Marto Livondar, (human, male) Thin, dark hair, riding boots, long lank black hair and a thin moustache, he may have some Tian blood


Gralton -Governor Marnius Cherlorne (human, male) Long coat, tricorn hat, yellow and black striped vest. He is the public face of Gralton, but he shares equal power with five council members. Council members serve for life and are responsible for appointing the governor, as well as new council members.


Lambreth Lord Kamdyn Arnefax (human, male) is an exiled knight from Andoran. He is a tall, muscular figure whose features suggest some elven blood.


Mivon - Mayor Raston Selline (Human, Male) early 50’s in great shape, grey at temples with dark hair, broad across the chest, steel gray eyes, Duling sword.


Pitax - Castruccio Irovetti (human, male) Pitax is a city filled with trashy art and bad sculpture, created by the masses of enslaved artists and poets that Irovetti maintains to massage his ego.


Protectorate of the Black Marquis (PotBM) - Urdal Bazzak River traffic flying the flag of one of the River Kingdoms is allowed to pass unmolested, in accordance with the River Freedoms. Foreigners are forced to pay a toll, or risk having their vessels boarded, crews killed and goods sold on the black market.


Mayor Esmet Silkenlock


Tymon - Ullorth Ungin (half-ork, male) Well dressed shortsword, sash and wide belt, leather gloves with plates and a broken tusk. Each year Ullorth asks that any on the Outlaw Council who value freedom step forth to help him push back the troops from Razmir. It is renowned for its gladiators, as Tymon boasts both a huge arena and many prestigious gladiator colleges. Tymon's history of gladiatorial excellence goes back to its founder, Maldar Tymon, who was a renowned Taldan gladiator and hero of one of Taldor's Fifth Army of Exploration.


Uringen - Different Ruler each year Uringen is an enigma as it seems to disappear and reappear with the mists, the inhabitants speak Skald a language not spoken in the River Kingdoms for ages which has lead some to theorise that the town has been caught by some sort of foul magic or evil spell. The inhabitants of this town always wear distinctive black and white garments but are always valued as trading partners as the supply impressive alchemical concoctions that aid healing and sometimes even strengthening the person who imbibed them.

Isana Blackwood

Full Name: Isana "Blackwood" Medvyed Birthdate: 21 Pharast  4696 Description: A 5'10", 185 lbs curvaceous human female with white blond hair and ice blue eyes.  Her head is usually covered by a bandana and is oftentimes worn pulled back in a ponytail at the nape of her neck .  Her clothing is fit for the rugged outdoor lifestyle she leads, but it is cut well for her figure and made of sturdy, but rich, materials.  She always wears a gold ring on the middle finger of her right hand and small gold hoops in her ears. Isana arrived in Tuskany about four months ago.  She took rooms at the Green Wyvern Inn and arranged a meeting with Princess Marissa shortly after arriving.  Since then, she has been mostly absent from Tuskany, but reports have her spending time in Mistholm and in the fields between Varnhold and Tuskany.  When in the capital, she finds time to have tea with Princess Marissa. She is fond of people and enjoys spending time talking with those around her.  She has taken a liking to the Royal Princes and brings them sweeties and trinkets when she returns to town.  She always seems to have bits in her pocket for the kidlings and can be found sharing stories with other members of the community.

Father: Alexander Medvyed

Mother: Emmaline Garess