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1. WEB

1.1. Net Zero Club

1.1.1. Overhaul to reflect offer 1. Getting started? (Hub free account) Forum Trusted Knowledgebase Training 2. Net Zero as a Service (Commodity offer) GHG reporting PAS2060 Remote auditing Offsetting Reporting (M&T) EPBR (DEC, EPC, TM44) Compliance 3. Bespoke support (Energise) PG Energy Management Strategy & Policy Implementation Engagement & Behaviour Change Other Energise offerings

1.2. Energise

1.2.1. Ensure each page style block fits to a page

1.2.2. Tell the story a bit better (See Verco - https://www.vercoglobal.com/)

1.2.3. Blog Fortnightly new content from the team WK20 (w/c May 11th) - We can do better than return to normal (SA) WK22 - How to restart right (AW) WK24 - A structure for your Net Zero strategy (JW) WK26 - Managing your Net Zero risks and opportunities (SP) WK28 - Understanding behaviour and delivering change (MK) WK30 - Gaining insight from my carbon footprint (KN) WK32 - Four steps to Net Zero (Review, Reduce, Renew, Rebalance) (SA) WK34 - Delivering a sustainable recovery sustainably (SP) WK36 - What does an electric fleet look like and what will be the challenges ahead? (JW) WK38 - How to define Net Zero and measure if I've made it there (AW) WK40 - Carbon offsetting, a review of the good, the bad and the ugly (MK) WK42 - What does a Net Zero building look like? (JW) WK44 - The top 5 ways you can maximise the benefit of energy data and reporting (KN)


2.1. NZaaS (Net Zero as a service)

2.2. Performance Guaranteed Energy Management (Energy £>500k)

2.2.1. Message: Net Zero Partner (Corporate)

2.2.2. Message: Shared Risk (Medium/Small)

2.3. Compliance

2.3.1. SECR

2.4. Net Zero Club

2.4.1. Launch of free portal

2.4.2. Launch of accreditation scheme

2.4.3. SME refocus in autumn


3.1. Sustainability Toolkit (COVID-19)

3.1.1. Guide to Flexibility & Structure

3.1.2. Checklists by Area Buildings & Industry Business Travel Transport/Fleet Purchasing & Material Use Waste Supply Chain/Logistics

3.2. Sector Guides (Net Zero)

3.2.1. Construction

3.2.2. Education

3.2.3. Hospitality, Leisure & Entertainment

3.2.4. Local Government

3.2.5. Manufacturing

3.2.6. Retail

3.2.7. Office based business

3.3. Showtime Training

3.3.1. An introduction to carbon footprinting

3.3.2. Energy champion training

3.3.3. Understanding behaviour and delivering change

3.4. Zero Hero

3.4.1. It's our planet, it's your choice Food & Drink Travel Home Stuff

3.4.2. App journey Track Plan Reduce Offset

3.4.3. #beazerohero League table of heroes Library of actions that people can take

3.5. Net Zero Hub

3.5.1. Free Account Reduce & Renew The Energise Index "Trusted" Solutions Library Knowledgebase Ask an Expert Rebalance Forum Commoditised Services

3.6. Brochure

3.6.1. Core brochure

3.6.2. Inserts By service By sector See sector guide breakdown


4.1. Conferences

4.1.1. EMEX (Nov 2020) Pre-event activity

4.1.2. Net Zero Live (Nov 2020) Pre-event activity

4.2. Online Events

4.2.1. Future Net Zero (1st - 5th June) Webinar: We can do better than return to normal - future Net Zero

4.3. Webinar Series

4.3.1. CIBSE Webinar - Using ESOS to develop a Net Zero strategy during lockdown and recovery (9th June @ 2pm)

4.3.2. An introduction to carbon footprinting -> 14th July

4.3.3. Understanding behaviour and delivering change -> 11th August

4.3.4. What a Net Zero building looks like -> 8th Sept

4.3.5. Setting Net Zero targets -> 13th October


5.1. Department of Education

5.1.1. #Teachthefuture

5.2. Control Energy Costs

5.2.1. Compliance

5.2.2. Energy Management

5.3. Carbon Statement

5.3.1. Net Zero Strategy

5.3.2. Compliance

5.4. Utility Team

5.4.1. Performance Guaranteed Energy Management

5.5. Carbon Trade Exchange

5.5.1. PAS2060

5.5.2. ISO14064-1 (Carbon Footprints)

5.5.3. Net Zero Hub

5.6. Rydal Utilities

5.6.1. Metering & Monitoring

5.6.2. Offsetting

5.7. Opus Energy

5.7.1. Net Zero Hub

5.7.2. Net Zero Club


6.1. Case Studies

6.1.1. Revolution Bars

6.1.2. IG Group

6.1.3. Kohler Mira

6.2. Events/Webinars

6.2.1. Monthly webinar series

6.2.2. Future Net Zero online

6.2.3. Prep for conferences in Autumn

6.3. Our Team

6.3.1. Focus on

6.4. So Damn Good

6.4.1. Championing SDG actions around the world

6.4.2. Charitable acts

6.4.3. "Intoku"

6.5. #beazerohero

6.6. Good to know

6.7. Zero heroes countdown

6.7.1. League table of top 20 zero heroes 1-10 1. David Attenborough 2. Rachel Carson 6. Jonathan Porritt 3. WWF 4. Greta Thunberg 5. Al Gore 7. Gro Harlem Brundtland 8. James Lovelock 9. Unilever 10. SOS-UK 11-20 11. Charles Darwin 12. Malaika Vaz 13. Louise Mabulo 14. Patagonia 15. Katie Patrick 16. Who Gives a Crap 17. Hannah Stitfall 18. Peopletree 19. Hans Cosmas Ngoteya 20. Leonardo Dicaprio

6.8. Top tips Tuesday

6.8.1. Alternating tuesdays in odd weeks (WK19, WK21 etc)

6.9. Our services (we can sell on social!)

6.9.1. Focus on compliance, carbon footprinting & PG Energy management/Net Zero partnerships

6.10. News

6.10.1. Adhoc & reactive, but should be linked to the curation of the Net Zero Hub knowledge base

6.11. Tools

6.12. Testimonials

6.12.1. Aim to obtain one per month