What is a balanced lifestyle?

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What is a balanced lifestyle? by Mind Map: What is a balanced lifestyle?

1. Leisure and Recreation: It is important to have time for yourself to relax, and be stress free, even if its only for 15 minutes.

1.1. You can sleep.

1.2. You can do something you enjoy.

1.2.1. Video games.

1.2.2. Read a book.

1.2.3. Do some art.

1.3. You can do some exercise.

1.3.1. Go on a walk.

1.3.2. Go on a run.

1.3.3. Take your pet on a walk.

1.4. Catch up with some friends or family.

2. Work / Study: It is important to juggle work and school as well as home life and leisure.

2.1. Study: School is very important as it teaches you many things, and a good education is important in anyones life. Studying is a good thing to do in your free tie, as it is also very important for the human brain to learn and grow from knowledge.

2.2. Work: Work can be very useful to save up money for new things you may want, but it's more than just that. As you grow older, you are coming closer to becoming and adult and going to university. University isn't free (un less you get a scholarship), so it is important to save up money to attend. It's also important to save up enough money to buy your own things, such as clothes, maybe food, shoes, school supplies, etc.

3. Diet/Nutrition: Having a healthy and balanced diet is the way to go for a healthy body, and future.

3.1. Make sure your eating all the food groups.

3.1.1. Meat.

3.1.2. Grains.

3.1.3. Dairy.

3.1.4. Fruit.

3.1.5. Vegtables.

3.1.6. Protien.

3.2. Limit your junk foods, and sugary foods.

3.3. Have proper meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and only have 1 snack per day.

3.4. eat good amounts of fibre and good carbohydrates.

4. Physical Activity: It is essential that you do physical activity every second day, if not, every day.

4.1. Go for a walk with your pet.

4.2. Go to the gym.

4.3. Go on a walk.

4.4. Do an online work out in your house.

4.5. Go on a bike ride.

4.6. Start playing a sport.

5. Sleep: It is critical for the human body to get rest. Sleep re boosts your energy, and lets your body and brain restore muscles, bones, energy, etc.