YUI Library Project

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YUI Library Project by Mind Map: YUI Library Project

1. YUI2/YUI3

1.1. JavaScript core, utilities; widgets; CSS foundation including Grids

2. YUI Doc

2.1. Build-time tool for generating API documentation

3. YUI Compessor

3.1. Build-time tool for minifying JavaScript and CSS

4. YUI3 NodeJs

4.1. YUI Bootstrapper for Node.js

5. YUI Test

5.1. Comprehensive unit testing solution for any JS code

6. YUI Galleray

6.1. JavaScript utilities, widgets, plugins and CSS Skins

7. YUI PHP Loader

7.1. Flexible PHP js/css management solution, includes YUI combos

8. YUI Builder

8.1. Build scripts for generating YUI JS/CSS from source

9. YUI Theater

9.1. Video library on the discipline of frontend engineering

10. YETI

10.1. YUI Easy Testing Interface: run browser JS unit tests from console