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COVID-19 by Mind Map: COVID-19

1. Possible Outcome

1.1. Positive

1.1.1. Innovation in many fields Climate Living Standards Air Traffic Working of Companies Efficiency Government Efficiency Prioritising

1.2. Negative

1.2.1. Economy Tourism (Stock) Markets High risk of recession in many countries

1.2.2. Mental/ Physical health Rise in domestic abuse cases Loneliness/ Social Isolation Depression/ Anxiety Shortage of certain medication

2. Solutions

2.1. Vaccine

2.1.1. As long as there is no vaccine: Social distancing/ Quarantaine

3. Overview

3.1. 31 December 2019 - Wuhan, China: first report to the WHO of pneumonia of which the cause is unknown

3.1.1. 30 January 2020: Declaration of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by WHO 9 May 2020 - Worldwide: 3.94 million confirmed cases and 275.000 confirmed deaths

4. Coronavirus Disease 2019

4.1. Responsible for global pandemic 2019-2020

4.2. Caused by

4.2.1. SARS-COV-2 (severe accute respiratory syndrome - coronavirus - 2) Genetically similar to SARS coronavirus Responsible for SARS outbreak in 2002

4.3. What is a Coronavirus?

4.3.1. Type of virus

4.3.2. 7 Coronaviruses are already known to infect human 4, Which represent 1/3 of all common colds 3, Zoonotic viruses (viruses that jumped from animals to humans) SARS MERS COVID-19