6 Steps To A Highly Effective Morning

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6 Steps To A Highly Effective Morning by Mind Map: 6 Steps To A Highly Effective Morning

1. How To Get Started

1.1. Prepare your next day the night before.

1.1.1. It puts your mind at ease, and it lets your subconscious work on it overnight so you can execute early in the morning.

1.2. Start the day with one or two easy tasks.

1.2.1. When you start the day with one or two easy tasks, you get your much needed “wins” right away.

1.2.2. The release of dopamine you get boosts your will to execute for a good portion of the day.

1.3. Work on your hardest tasks when you work best.

2. How To Build A Successful Morning Routine

2.1. List Down All the Things You Want To Do on a Daily Basis

2.2. Order Tasks by Ascending Order of Importance to You

2.2.1. It’s important to realize what you think is more important for you.

2.2.2. By knowing what’s more important, it’s easier to decide later where to put each task on your calendar.

2.3. Write Down How Long It Takes You to Complete the Task

2.3.1. You need to be aware of how a long a task is going to take you. Be realistic. Be precise.

2.4. Place Tasks On A Calendar

2.4.1. Use Teamweek. You could also use Google Keep and Google Calendar.

2.4.2. Refer to it very often

2.5. Apply the Tips Above On How to Get Started

2.6. Be Consistent In the Execution of Your Morning Routine

2.6.1. Try not to miss a day.

2.6.2. Execute it every day, including weekends.

2.6.3. Every missed day “doubles” the effort needed to get started.