validity and reliability

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validity and reliability by Mind Map: validity and reliability

1. In other words they should be?

1.1. Reliability refers to the stability of a test score over repeated administration

1.2. To be considered seriously, test results should be adequate validity evidence and be reliable

2. Is the reliability consistency?

2.1. Test

2.2. Retest

2.3. alternative form

3. proof

4. Plan

4.1. Try to use when valid

4.1.1. Goal 1

4.1.2. Goal 2

4.2. Make sur they are accurate

4.2.1. Session Rule 1

4.2.2. Session Rule 2

4.3. What is my error

4.4. Repeat over

4.5. First I will

4.6. Work hard to understand

5. Do they actually work? Which one is better or are they the same?

5.1. Does validity test measure what it is suppose to measure?

5.2. Does Reliability test yield the same or simular score rankings( all other factors being equal) consistently?

6. Validity

6.1. Decides what should be covered on the test

6.1.1. achievement

6.1.2. content

6.2. The problem is whether the test looks valid

6.3. Does the test measure the instructional objectives?

6.4. Criterion-related

7. reliability

8. valid