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Demand Meeting 23/07/07 by Mind Map: Demand Meeting 23/07/07
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Demand Meeting 23/07/07

Demand Report Review

PG to call Findlay to arrange conflab

PG hasn't heard from MDU - Meeting Prof Mark today.

PG Chevron meeting Thursday

Vodafone meeting was bumped due to illness; moved off 2 weeks. JB - still something there.

Linklaters - JB following-up

Fujitsu - JB Meeting tomorrow

Pepsi - JB - Gus supporting talking to Colin..

Lead Generation report review

Marketing Activities


Email campaigns



Open Networking

LinkedIn : JB - to start trawling 'friends' contacts on LinkedIn & Facebook


Salesforce synching

Claim of bestness on website

Creative Commons copyright notice on Blog

Best of blog newsletter

Beaufortes PDF

References on website


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