To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society?

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To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society? by Mind Map: To what extent is a stable family vital for a successful society?

1. Stable family

1.1. Peaceful growing environment for children

1.1.1. traditional values passed down to the younger generation : good manners and values are instilled in the young since an early age grow up to be responsible citizens who contribute actively to their family, community and society. Promising youths- continued progress of the society

1.2. Children can have a proper education

1.2.1. Successful society

1.2.2. Children can grow up to be successful people in the country

1.2.3. There needs to be more elaboration on the points - How does a proper education lead to a successful society? And do all children who have a proper education grow up to be successful people? Does this mean that children with no proper education cannot be successful? (cross reference to all the killings and shooting in American universities- educated people, but end up being mass murderers?

1.3. Family support provided

1.3.1. the level of moral support provided by stable families inevitably raise productivity How so? Is it just moral support? What about emotional support? How does this support from the family lead to higher levels of productivity? Productivity in what areas? young adults seek advice from the elderly- gain knowledge and useful experience in work or social interactions- help them to upgrade their skills moral support from family: help release stress from work and study, maintain good mental health. A more cozy and caring environment in the entire society and hence less incendiary crimes

2. Other Reasons for a successful society

2.1. Science & Technology

2.1.1. A strong economy- foundation of a successful society

2.1.2. new inventions and innovations: prime force that drives the econ and social growth these new inventions:boost the economy and benefit the entire society in terms of increaed income and higher living standard. Elaborate on how new inventions and innovations can boost social growth.

2.1.3. e.g. USA high divorce rate(more than 40%) Make it clear that though a majority of American families do not have the structure of a stable family, but the economy can still progress. BUT - America is facing an immense debt problem - how do you counter that? yet strongest eco profitable inventions such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft, Facebook, Iphone profit of US$ 23.15 billion alone for microsoft in 2011 Comparing to the social and economic benenfits brought by modern science and techno, family stability contributes less significantly to the success of a society Check your language - benefits? What kind of benefits are you talking about? Purely economic benefits?

2.2. Governance

2.2.1. A good governance can lead a country to its success, and vice versa. What do you mean by vice versa? A country's success can lead to good governance? Really? Vice versa: no country can succeed without a sound structure of governance.

2.2.2. Good example: Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore) Lead Singapore from beeing(?) a third world country to a first world country in a short span of about 50 years. Fought for Singapore's independence etc. Founded Singapore's "Principles of good governance" "Reward for work, Work for reward" "Leadership is Key" "Anticipate Change and Stay Relavent" "A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All" How do all these principles lead to a successful society? Elaboration needed. How did LKY or PAP implement the principles? Is it mainly the LKY effect? Or is it a combined effort of the PAP? outstanding roles in leadership played by PAP, headed by LKY

2.2.3. Negative example: Thailand Poor governance led to many riots Decrease in tourism Decrease in Economy Difficult for thailand to stand up again after natural disasters. e.g. flood. What do you mean by "stand up"? Do you mean recover economically? Or in terms of social growth? How does riots and decrease in tourism affect the success of a society?

2.3. Healthcare

2.3.1. How healthcare is managed also determine's(determines) how successful a country is

2.3.2. Negative Example: Britain "From Cradle to Grave" Provided Free Healthcare for those who do not have jobs Discouraged people from working. Caused an increase in tax to fund theese healthcare Decrease in tourism due to high taxes Please edit the grammatical errors!!

2.3.3. Positive Example: Singapore Means Testing Government subsidies granted to hospitals so that needy patients need not pay full amount of their bills. C-wards granted subsidies up to 80%. Medifund Restructuring of hospitals Promoting a healthy lifestyle Okay, I see many relevant examples, but where's the elaboration for the examples?


3.1. A stable family is vital for a successful society

3.2. However, there are more important factors that help in developing a successful society

4. Where is your thesis statement? And has your group defined what it means to be a successful society?

4.1. a successful society: depends on the quality of lives people live in the society. It refers mostly to economic progress, high living standard

4.2. in order to achieve this goal, countries are implementing various policies to upgrade themselves. Most of them concentrates on developing their economy and hence improving people's lives while very few place their focus on family stability.

4.3. I agree that such decisions adopted by most countries are reasonable as there are many factors that play roles that are much more crucial in a successful society than family stability.