'The family has suffered at the expense of career in Singapore society.' Is this a fair comment?

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'The family has suffered at the expense of career in Singapore society.' Is this a fair comment? by Mind Map: 'The family has suffered at the expense of career in Singapore society.' Is this a fair comment?

1. Topic Sentence: (Chun Yang) With the increasing number of foreign professionals coming into Singapore, many Singaporeans feel that the only way to compete with the foreign professionals is to work even harder than them. This leads to a degrading family relationship

1.1. Introduction of Foreign Talent

1.1.1. -Most children are taught from birth by their parents to be the best when it comes to their studies -With the introduction of foreign scholars, this is even more true as the limited number of jobs are being taken by them too -Gives rise to a natural competitiveness among Singaporeans -Singaporeans feel that since everyone is given a fair chance, the only way to compete against the more intelligent scholars is to work even harder than them at their own jobs. Many Singaporeans believe that the foreigners are taking all their jobs. They wish the government would give them exclusive benefits and job opportunities, however Singapore is a country which practices meritocracy. Hence, the only way to do better than the foreigners is to work harder than them. Thus they neglect their families to focus on their career in order to not get replace by a foreign professional. Article on how concerned Singaporeans http://community.jobscentral.com.sg/node/1545

2. Good. craft out topic sentence and final reiteration to complete this branch.

3. Topic sentence: (Cheryl Koo) Technology can overcome the lack of communication and interaction.

3.1. As technology advances in the current society, there are more and more platforms for interaction which are convenient and only a few clicks away. Even though parents may not be able to spend quality time physically with their children, they can still communicate at any time of the day through the internet and phone (e.g Short Messaging System, calling, Whatsapp, Msn), and these platforms are widely used by everyone.

3.1.1. Even though in Singapore’s society, career pursuits may cause the lack of interaction and communication within the family, but this problem can be overcome through technology. Therefore it is unfair to say that family is suffering at the expense of career in Singapore just because of the lack of interaction and communication.

4. Topic sentence: (Natalie) Having a stable career is very important as it provides income for the family.

4.1. A stable career ensures financial stability of a family and with financial stability, families do not have to worry about monetary issues. When one parent sacrifices his or her career to take care of the family, there is less income for the family. If the sole breadwinner doesn't earn enough money to support the family, financial problems will arise. Financial problems are one of the most common causes of conflict in a family, especially between husband and wife. This shows that even if one parent leaves his or her job for the family, there could still be family problems because of the decrease in income.

5. Topic Sentence: (Jonas) High stress levels of careers in singapore impede good family life

5.1. Cause for stress and tension within the family

5.1.1. High stress levels of careers strains relationships in the family. Singapore, being a results oriented society has a majority of highly stressed careers that is often emotionally draining on workers. This stress that arises from the careers would not only be felt in the workplace. Often, the stress that workers feel remains even after work when they go home, this tension would make it harder for the family members to communicate as they may be too exhausted after a long day of work. This maimed ability to interact with your family members due to the stress from work thereby reduces opportunities for understanding one another and makes for a family which is far less close-knit. Furthermore, the high commitment that careers in Singapore require would at times be dragged into the weekends where work is brought back home. This is extremely detrimental to family health if the tension and stress that is felt in the office is taken into the home environment, with workers treating homes as their offices. This induced stress from doing work from home not only makes it difficult to approach the person at work, but simultaneously disrupts the ideal homely environment which yearns for a light-hearted atmosphere. The lack of this healthy family environment as a result of stress from work has repercussions that are palpable only in the future, with families being less bonded and parents feeling distant from their children.

6. Topic Sentence: (Gale) Hectic careers has lead to the lack of time for interaction between parents and children, hence degrading family relationships.

6.1. Lack of interaction and communitcation

6.1.1. -Inadequate time spent with children -Overlook the need for quality time -Parents are tied down by job commitments -Work from day to night, and even during weekends -Clashing timetables between parents and children Eg, The government has implemented the five day work week system to allow families to spend quality time together during weekends. However, it has not been beneficial to most families as it is difficult to monitor such a system as offices may choose not to follow it. Also, parents and children may have other activies during the weekends, Hence clashing timetables would also lead to minimal time spent together, leading to a strained relationship. Article on Five Day Work Week: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/1881373/1/Review_of_the_5_Day_Work_Week

7. Introduction

7.1. 'High economic growth', a global first world city