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Homer by Mind Map: Homer
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Homeric Question


Whether or not both of the poems were written by him, or by a lot of other people


each one was so long, didn't know how he memorized all of the stanzas, Bards, Job was the story tell, They could tell long stories, all of homer's works were put together over time.


differences between the Odyssey and IIliad., Illiad is book of Homer's Youth, Odyssey is of his maturity

Homer's Style

Hexameter Verse, characteristic of early literature, contained six lines, flowed very nicely to explain an idea

Samuel Butler

Thought that the Epics were written by a Woman

Article " The authoress of the Illiad and Odyssey

Artwork of the Illiad and Odyssey

New node

The art was depicted way after the books were written

Legends of Homer

Blind Bard

Debate on living in 12th century or 8th and 9th century, From Ionia

his profession

Illiad and Odyssey

wrote about farmer class in books, thought to have been his class

Looked back on as examples of morality, and divine

The Odyssey & The Illiad


Debate on when it was written. Either in 6th or 7th or 8h on 9th. Only about the last, tenth year of the war. That is when the most significant hings happened. Made up of 24 books.

Story of the City of Illion

Trojan War, Battles, Heros, Achilles, Hector

Gods intervened

Religious in the way that the Gods sided with the Trojans or Greeks


After the Trojan War, Odysseus' adventures back home, More modern than Illiad

Telemachus and Penelope, Telemachus comes into his own, Penelope shows as a stronger character

Religious in the fact that the Gods punished Odysseus for his actions


Homeric Hymns

34 poems

A story related to each god/ goddess, i.e Demeter's story- use as example

"Homeric" because they were written in the same style that Homer wrote in

They provided the principal instructions for the worship of the gods/ goddess.

Involved song, and prayer

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