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Force & Pressure by Mind Map: Force & Pressure

1. Gravitational force

1.1. -Exists between any two objects

1.2. Due to weight which is the gravitational foce which is exerted by Earth on us

2. Mass

2.1. Amount of matter an object has

2.2. Always remain the same

2.3. Unit: g, kg

3. Weight

3.1. Due to gravitational pull

3.2. Does not remain the same, depends on the planet

3.3. Unit: Newton

4. Frictional force

4.1. Pros

4.1.1. Slows down/ stop a moving object

4.1.2. Produces heat

4.2. Cons

4.2.1. Causes wear & tear of materials

4.3. Opposes mottion of one surface acroos another surface

4.4. Depends on texture of both surfaces in contact with each other and the amount of contact area between each surface

5. Magnetic force

5.1. Force that attracts magnetic objects with the use of a magnet

5.2. Does not have to be in contact with another surface

6. Force

6.1. Effects

6.1.1. Changes the speed of a moving object

6.1.2. Changes the size & shape of a moving object

6.1.3. Change the direction of a moving object

6.1.4. Start / Stop a stationary / moving object

6.2. Measure

6.2.1. Force gauge

6.2.2. Torsion balance

6.2.3. Tribometer

7. Pressure

7.1. Amount of force acting perpendicularly on a certain area

7.2. Varies due the amount of contact area & force applied

7.3. The smaller the contact surface area, the higher the pressure

7.4. The larger the contact surface area, the pressure will be distributed, causing a lower pressure

7.5. Formula = Force / Area

7.5.1. N/m2