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Forces and Pressure by Mind Map: Forces and Pressure

1. Forces

1.1. Push or Pull

1.2. Effects

1.2.1. Changes in shape and size

1.2.2. Start or stop an object

1.2.3. Change the speed of an object

1.2.4. Change the direction of an object

1.3. Measuring forces

1.3.1. Using force meters Spring Balances Compression Extension

1.3.2. Measured in Newton(N)

1.4. Important Forces

1.4.1. Friction Occurs when two moving surfaces are in contact

1.4.2. Magnetic Exerted by a magnet on a magnetic material or a magnet

1.4.3. Gravity Exists between any two objects Causes all objects to be attracted to the Earth

2. Weight

2.1. Amount of gravitational force acting on an object

2.1.1. Greater of the force of gravity pulling an object, greater the weight

2.2. Measured using spring balance in Newton(N)

2.3. Depends on location

2.4. =Mass x Gravitational pull of Earth

3. Pressure

3.1. Force acting per unit area

3.2. Increase In Pressure

3.2.1. Force Increases

3.2.2. Area Decreases

3.3. Decrease in Pressure

3.3.1. Force decreases

3.3.2. Area Increases

3.4. Calculating Pressure

3.4.1. Formula Pressure=Force/Area

3.4.2. Units SI Unit N/m2 Pascal(Pa) Common Unit N/cm2