Male Reproductive System

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Male Reproductive System by Mind Map: Male Reproductive System

1. Reproductive Tract

1.1. Ductus deferens

1.1.1. Inner lining Pseudostratified columnar epithelium Absorbtive stereocillia layers that absorb excess liquid and dead sperm

1.1.2. Middle region Elastin fiber allow wall of tubule to expand and contract Longitudinal and circular visceral muscle help sperm to move along the ductus deferens

1.1.3. Outer adventitia Areolar connective tissue anchors ductus deferens to the surrounding tissue during peristalsis

1.1.4. transporting sperm from testes to ejaculatory duct

1.1.5. 30cm long, diameter 5mm

1.2. Epididymis

1.2.1. Head (Caput) receives spermatozoa from efferent ductules connected with testes by efferent ductules

1.2.2. Body (Corpus) highly convoluted duct site of sperm maturation

1.2.3. Tail (Cauda) store sperm until ejaculation continous with ductus deferens

1.3. Ejaculatory duct

1.3.1. bacaka

2. Urethra

2.1. act as passageway for both semen and urine

2.2. prostatic urethra

2.2.1. 2-3cm long

2.2.2. passes through the prostate

2.3. intermediate(membranous) urethra

2.3.1. 1cm long

2.3.2. passes through the deep muscles of the perineum

2.4. Spongy Urethra

2.4.1. 15-20cm long

2.4.2. end at the external urethral orifice

3. Sperm Stucture

3.1. head

3.1.1. smooth

3.1.2. oval

3.1.3. egg-shaped

3.1.4. tapered end

3.2. neck

3.3. midpiece

4. Testis

4.1. Structure

4.1.1. 5cm long

4.1.2. 2.5cm diameter

4.1.3. each mass is 10-15g

4.2. located

4.2.1. near kidney

4.2.2. posterior portion of abdomen

4.3. made of

4.3.1. tunica vaginalis partiallly covers the testis has serous fluid (hydrocele)

4.3.2. tunica albuginea dense irregular connective tissue forming septa devide testis into compartment (lobule)

4.3.3. rete testis

4.3.4. efferent duct

5. External Genetelia

5.1. Scrotum

5.1.1. two chambered suspended sack of skin and smooth muscle that contain testes to keep the temperature of the testes slightly lower than the rest of body

5.1.2. seminiferous tubules spermatogenic cells spermatogenic spermatocytes spermatids sertoli cells nourish spermatocytes, spermatids, and sperm produce fluid for sperm transport secrete inhibin

5.1.3. homologous to labia majora in female

5.1.4. located between penis and anus

5.1.5. increase testosterone secretion during puberty causes darkening of skin development of pubic hair on scrotum

5.1.6. left testes usually lower than the right to avoid compression in the event of impact

5.1.7. allow more effective cooling of the testes

5.2. Penis

6. Prostate gland

6.1. anterior to rectum,inferior to bladder

6.2. secrete proteolytic enzyme into semen

6.3. consist

6.3.1. base

6.3.2. apex

6.3.3. anterior posterior

6.3.4. two lateral surfaces

6.4. contribute to 20-30% of semen volume

6.5. contain seminal plasmin

6.6. formed of muscular and glandular tissue

6.7. lobes

6.7.1. anterior

6.7.2. median

6.7.3. lateral

6.7.4. posterior

6.8. zone

6.8.1. central

6.8.2. transtitional

6.8.3. peripheral

6.9. regional lymph nodes

6.9.1. periprostatic

6.9.2. hypogastric

6.9.3. illiac

6.9.4. sacral

6.9.5. pelvic