Thriller genre conventions

Thriller Genre ConventionsDone by Kheerah Kyster as an editing Project

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Thriller genre conventions by Mind Map: Thriller genre conventions

1. Mise-en-scene

1.1. Protagonists clothing is usually dull and monochromatic

1.2. Distressed environment

1.3. Dangerous weapons

1.4. Low key lighting to create an atmosphere of suspense or gloom.

1.5. Dark colour Palette

1.6. Settings include isolated places such as a haunted house or an alleyway

1.7. Proxemics utilized in order to simulate claustrophobia

2. Camera angles, shots and movement

2.1. Tilt shots or otherwise disorientating angles and shots to create discomfort within the viewer

2.2. Close ups and extreme close ups of the protagonists

2.3. High angle to show the characters dominance over another character, usually the antagonist over the protagonist.

3. Editing

3.1. Thrillers usually rely on surprise and so jump cuts are essential because there will be things happening that the audience are unaware of but is essential for the thriller.

3.2. Cross cutting is a key point in editing as it used to build suspense which is essential for a thriller

4. Done by

4.1. Kheerah Kyster

5. Sound

5.1. Erie slow music to create tension and suspense.

5.2. Lots of silent moments to build suspense.

5.3. Starts with a slow tempo.

5.4. Exaggerated diegetic sounds like objects dropping and breaking.

6. Narrative

6.1. Violence can often be a key theme in Thriller genres

6.2. The aim is to create suspense and excitement for the audience

6.3. There is usually a protagonist who is rather immoral or an outsider, perhaps an anti hero but usually has good intentions .

6.4. The movies starts at an ease or balance that gets disrupted then restored by the protagonists. Thrillers often begins with an unjust society which one protagonists works against.

7. Sub genres

7.1. Psychological thriller.

7.2. Action Thriller

7.3. Crime thriller

7.4. Political thriller

7.5. MysteryThriller

7.6. Spy Thriller

7.7. Legal Thriller

7.8. Science fiction Thriller