Agile & Operations

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Agile & Operations by Mind Map: Agile & Operations

1. Agile or Lean or Kanban?

2. We have the same product owner

2.1. Project= Focus on adding Business Value

2.2. Operations= Focus on not loosing Business value

3. No programming skills

3.1. ops languages != dev languages

4. Be involded in project phase

4.1. scope of "customer" / "business people"?

4.1.1. SLA as a requirement

4.2. scope of "team"?

4.2.1. e-g Amazon-type approach

5. agile manifesto

5.1. several types of softwares

5.1.1. sold "in a box"

5.1.2. maintained in house (asp, webservices)

5.2. agile operations?

5.2.1. are tools needed? is virtualisation a requirement?

5.2.2. pair system admin?

5.2.3. refactoring servers? changing parameters patterns

6. Should ops be on your project team?

6.1. where is QA team?

7. what about risk?

7.1. should the notion be treated?

7.2. dev has change in functionalities, ops adds change in importance

7.2.1. importance of initial decisions?

8. Attention To Non-Functional Requirements

8.1. *-ities

8.2. importance of design issues

8.2.1. loose coupling

8.2.2. KISS

9. Overlap monitoring scripts/ unit tests

9.1. scope of "working software"?

9.2. "IT Ops has graphs!" (Perrick Penet)

10. ITIL <-> Agile

11. specificities of IT Operations

11.1. IT Ops need to operate black boxes

11.1.1. proprietary software

11.1.2. appliances

11.2. operations often needs hw investments

11.2.1. depends on accounting/CFO process/accounting oriented approach

11.2.2. importance of buying decision BDUF: risk or need?

11.3. ops = shared

11.3.1. Shared across projects

11.3.2. shared time project driven Interrupt driven

11.4. ops = scale

11.4.1. production != unit tests?

11.5. persistance over time

11.5.1. as long as in production need to be maintained hardware software