Land-use in Singapore

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Land-use in Singapore by Mind Map: Land-use in Singapore

1. Ways to maximise land-use in Singapore

1.1. Land Clearance

1.1.1. It is the process of empty plots of land are/will be created for various landuses

1.1.2. Ways for land clearance Demolishing old buildings Deforestation

1.2. Land Reclamation

1.2.1. It is a creation of dry land from an area covered by water

1.2.2. Ways for reclamation Landfill Method Empoldering Reclaiming direct land

1.2.3. Negative effect it will cause a negative impact on the environment . Land reclamation will cause coastal habitats such as mangrove swamps and beached will be destroyed by it.

2. Land-use needs in Singapore

2.1. Arable land

2.1.1. It's land which is suitable for growing crops.

2.1.2. But arable land is in short supply As almost or over 4/5 of Earth's land surface is unsuitable for growing crops for it is either too hot , too cold , too dry or infertile

2.2. Recreational spaces

2.2.1. Recreational spaces are provided when there's more people.

2.3. Industries

2.3.1. More industries and businesses are developing as there is a growth population .

3. Size and Population of Singapore

3.1. The size of Singapore has a total land area of 778 km² and 193 km of coastline

3.2. The population of Singapore is 4.75 millions people in 2009 and increased to 5.18 million people in 2011