5 STEP Killer Content Strategy Framework

A solid 5 pointer system to understand and execute a social media content strategy. Connect with me: blog: https://faizanization.com Instagram:https://instagram.com/faizanization

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5 STEP Killer Content Strategy Framework by Mind Map: 5 STEP Killer Content Strategy Framework

1. Schedule your content using Hootsuite or other tools

2. 3 most important reasons social media users engage with your content

2.1. It educates them or helps them to solve a problem

2.2. It entertains them or makes them hooked

2.3. it inspires them to take an action

3. Social media is more social than media / so keep that in mind

4. Decide days of the week when you will post

5. [BONUS] Content Ideas that has potential to go viral

5.1. Content that inspires you

5.2. Content that talks about your lifestyle

5.3. Content that reminds of dreams to be true

5.4. Content which is sharable

5.5. Content that inspires to go out

5.6. Content that reveals secrets

5.7. Content that gives surprises

6. Break down your activities in monthly plans

7. [5] Organize your social media presence

7.1. Create content pillars based on objectives & TG

7.2. Put up proper timeline of what do you want to achieve rather than doing everything together

7.3. Create marketing plan that gives you an overview of your activities for 6 months

7.4. Create monthly social media calendars

7.4.1. Break them down based on your objectives

7.4.2. For each day define 3 things Content Pillar TG Audience Platforms

7.4.3. Create content accordingly for the entire month

7.4.4. Include topical content apart from all the planned posts

7.5. Create FAQs for community management

8. [1] Who is this content for?

9. [2] What do you want to achieve?

9.1. Understanding Consumer Journey

9.1.1. Awareness Let them know that you exist Share your story How are you relevant to them Why do you exist

9.1.2. Intent How have you helped others What people are talking about you How are you better from your competitors

9.1.3. Decision What impact your product will bring when someone buys it How much amazing is your after sales support Do you provide money back guarantee Offers and discounts that people can't resist How to make best use of your prodcuts Creating scarcity

9.1.4. Loyalty Guides & Videos to help your customers Being available on social media channels for customer queries Encouraging your customers to share their feedback & act on it Rewarding your existing customers with cash or with freebies

10. [4] Social Media is not about selling

10.1. Look at creating content to engage & entertain your audience

10.2. So what we need to do

10.2.1. Follow GaryVees' simple model Jab Jab Jab the right hook Jabs are the content about community and engagement / share what people are interested in Right hook is about asking your community to take an action that helps or supports your business goals

10.2.2. Look at topical content

10.2.3. Look at trending topics

11. [3] Always share what your customers are looking for

11.1. Learn more about your customers

11.2. Look at Target Personas

11.3. Look at your CRM/Marketing tools if any

11.4. Use #tags to see what people are talking about

11.5. Keep a track of Google Trends

11.6. Use forums / Quora to see what people are asking about

11.7. Use tools like answerthepublic to create more meaningful content

11.8. Do keyword research using Google Adwords keyword planner

12. Creating Target Personas

12.1. Demographic Segmentation

12.1.1. Age

12.1.2. Location

12.1.3. Gender

12.1.4. Income

12.1.5. Education

12.1.6. Marital Status

12.1.7. Occupation

12.1.8. Ethnic Background

12.2. Psychographic Segmentation

12.2.1. Personality

12.2.2. Interest

12.2.3. Attitude

12.2.4. Hobbies

12.2.5. Values

12.2.6. Lifestyle

12.2.7. Behavior

12.3. Going more personal

12.4. Challenges/Pain Points

13. How can you solve these problems?

13.1. Providing Relevant Information

13.2. Informative Guides & Blogs

13.3. Explanatory Videos

13.4. Hacks or Cheat Sheet

13.5. Insightful Podcasts

14. Look at your Google Analytics