Greek Political Systems and Theories

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Greek Political Systems and Theories by Mind Map: Greek Political Systems and Theories

1. Democracy

1.1. Famous Democracies

1.1.1. Athens direct democracy Male citizens participated in government Started by Clesthenes

1.1.2. America Republic Vote for the most qualified Not a direct democracy All citizens may participate

1.2. Theory Behind Democracy

1.3. Structure of Athenian Democracy

1.3.1. Athenian Constitution

1.3.2. Council

1.3.3. Trust in the People

1.3.4. Rotation of Jobs

1.3.5. Ostracism

2. Tyranny

2.1. Famous Tyrannts

2.1.1. Pisastratus of Athens 6th century BCE Led Athenian Army to victory over Megarans Tyrant for 20 years, was exiled twice in that time

2.1.2. Polycrates of Samos 6th century BCE known for having a large navy and ruthless army Assassinated late 6th century BCE

2.1.3. Cypselus of Corinth 7th century BCE First tyrant of Corinth Allowed enemies to set up other colonies Opened trade routes to Sicily and Italy Popular, died natural death

2.2. Theory Behind Tyranny

2.3. Response from Public

2.4. Transition to Next Form of Government

3. Philosophers of Politics

3.1. Politics, Aristotle

3.1.1. Value

3.1.2. Comparison of Political Systems Monarchy Tyranny Aristocracy Oligarchy Polity

3.2. The Republic, Book 8 (Plato)

3.2.1. Justice Allegory of the Cave Three Part Soul Form of the Good

3.2.2. Breakdown of the Political Systems Timocracy Aristocracy Democracy Tyranny

4. bibliography

5. Aristocracy (Oligarchy)

5.1. Famous Aristocracies

5.1.1. Thirty Tyrants Pro-Spartan Reduced the rights of Athenians Exiled Thousands who opposed them Killed hundreds for opposing them Only ruled for a year then were overthrown by Thrasybulus in 403 BCE

5.2. Theory Behind Aristocracy

5.3. Response from Public

5.4. Transition to Next Form of Government

6. Monarchy

6.1. Transition to Next Form of Government

6.2. Major Monarchies

6.2.1. Mycenaean Monarchies 2000-1200 BCE fell when trade routes were cut off Dorians destroyed remaining monarchs

6.3. Theory Behind Monarchy

6.4. Response from Public