Desktop Operating Systems

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Desktop Operating Systems by Mind Map: Desktop Operating Systems

1. Mac OS X

1.1. Stregths

1.1.1. their free online storage service.

1.1.2. 10.8 introduces ‘Share Sheets’ – a small, in app button that lets you share whatever you’re looking at/working on with social networks.

1.2. Weaknesses

1.2.1. OS X requires luck or some knowledge to use all the basic features.

1.2.2. Both Ubuntu and OS X can do basic things but OS X is limited on what it can do.

2. Ubuntu

2.1. Strengths

2.1.1. Ubuntu has integrated a more casual (and touch) friendly UI, called Unity

2.1.2. at least as far as Ubuntu is concerned, actually feels a bit like Android (or rather Android feels a bit like Ubuntu?). This is good because it might be easier for Android users to make the switch from Windows to this platform, of course that wouldn’t be good for Windows users.

2.2. Weaknesses

2.2.1. drivers ESPECIALLY for wifi, have never seemed to work.

2.2.2. One complaint I do have is that some parts of the Ubuntu UI do feel a little sluggish from time to time

3. Windows

3.1. Strengths

3.1.1. easier for users to navigate using the mouse and a keyboard.

3.1.2. Faster Booting Times

3.2. Weaknesses

3.2.1. new Windows 8 features will not be compatible with existing computer hardware.

3.2.2. complete Start menu will be lacking.