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Force and Pressure by Mind Map: Force and Pressure
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Force and Pressure

What is a Force?

A push of pull

What are the effects of forces?

Change the speed of a moving object, either by increasing its speed or slowing it down

Change the shape of an object or size of an object

Change the direction of a moving object

Start an object moving or stop a moving object

you cannot see a force but you can see the effects of forces.

How can we measure a force?

Using a force-meter

SI Unit: Newton(N)

What are the important forces around us?

Frictional Force

Magnetic Force

Gravitational Force


What is Pressure?

The amount of area applied onto an object

Pressure depends on 2 things: 1) Force 2) Area

The pressure increases when the force increases, while the area decreases

Increasing Pressure by reducing Area

Reducing Pressure by increasing Area

When a larger surface is in contact with the ground, the pressure exerted on the ground is lower, so people and machines can move without sinking

Calculating Pressure

Pressure is the force acting per unit area

Pressure = Force divided by Area

Unit of Force is newton (N)

(Pa) is the SI unit for Pressure