30 Day Change Program

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30 Day Change Program by Mind Map: 30 Day Change Program

1. Identify the Problem

1.1. Short Description of the Problem (1 Sentence)

1.2. Define expected result

1.2.1. What should change

2. Find the Solution

2.1. Short description of the solution

2.2. Necessary preparatory steps

2.2.1. Set start date of change program

2.2.2. schedule the upcoming 30 days

2.2.3. Buy necessary tools and get to know them

2.2.4. Other steps (phoning, mailing, etc.)

2.2.5. Set motivational support Friend Money Letter to yourself

3. Apply the Solution

3.1. Start applying the solution from set date on

3.2. Apply it every day or in the chosen interval respectively

4. Evaluate the Result

4.1. Did it do you any good

4.2. How was your mood

4.3. Did you reach your set expectations

4.4. Will you continue