What's the connection between your gift or talent and the future opportunity that you're going to...

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What's the connection between your gift or talent and the future opportunity that you're going to pursue? (In terms of a strength you'll need to develop)? by Mind Map: What's the connection between your gift or talent and the future opportunity that you're going to pursue? (In terms of a strength you'll need to develop)?

1. Future

1.1. Teams

1.1.1. NB88

1.1.2. He Reigns

1.1.3. Stephen

1.2. Businesses

1.2.1. Gum Company

1.2.2. Distribution For Sale Sign Scouting for New Ones

1.2.3. Tech Website Hosting Creation Installation Maintenance Graphics Marketing SEO Partnerships Collaboration Asking

1.3. Phone Calls

1.3.1. Medical Marijuana

1.3.2. Amen Clinics Downloads Everything Full Access

1.3.3. Matt Cambell Company Percentage Website Sidebar Finish

1.4. Roles

1.4.1. Worlds Prayer Authority

1.4.2. Son to Kathy & Ron

1.4.3. Brother to Amber & Renee

1.4.4. Grandson to Karen & Mary & Grandpa

1.4.5. Christian Rap Artist

1.4.6. Popular Celebrity

1.4.7. Actor in Movies

2. Opportunity

2.1. Travel

2.1.1. Israel Ron Arnow Cousins Amos Places Chocolate Bar

2.1.2. Barcelona

2.1.3. China

2.1.4. Russia

2.2. California

2.2.1. Accomplishments

2.2.2. Goals Jennifer Murphy Perform Newport Beach

2.2.3. Southern Orange County 10321

2.2.4. Northern Hillary

2.3. Phone Calls

2.3.1. Recording Studio Leon Value Redding Stephen's Name

2.3.2. Mother College Payment Credit Card Which

2.4. Meetings

2.4.1. Earl Stuckey Jr Moleskine Notebook

2.4.2. Contest Critique You don't need to do anything, we've already chosen you. Enter without Critique Sending Mail

2.5. Closing Sales

2.5.1. Website Hosting Tommy Brenda

2.6. Websites

2.6.1. Christian Mind Maps Partnerships Authors

2.6.2. Best Prayer Request Prayer Course Covering Counsel Prophetic Tongues Forms

2.6.3. Quality Questions Sections Purpose Values

2.6.4. HSTechGuys.com Map Listing Hawaii Locally Verbage Keyword Density Persuasion

3. Gift

3.1. Physical

3.1.1. Working Out Cardio Endurance Running Walking Biking Swimming Gymnastics Parkour Skateboarding Snowboarding Surfing Weights Abs Diet Book

3.1.2. Intelligent

3.1.3. Appearance Gorgeous Well Kempt Maintained

3.2. Spiritual

3.2.1. Giving Gave Bethel $130+ when I first came in there as a cheerful giver I also gave Stephen all sorts of foods

3.2.2. Descendant Doctors

3.2.3. Anointed Prayed For

3.3. Emotional

3.3.1. Affirmations Rachael Person wants to link up tomorrow at Church and it's 12:10AM We will have new affirmation video

3.3.2. Revelation Favor Shield Blessed Wisdom Forgiveness Righteousness Conciousness Loved Deeply Widely Highly Blessed Promise Deutoronomy

3.4. Career

3.4.1. Christian Rap Freestyling Trading Website Design

3.4.2. Technological Understanding Prophecy --->

3.4.3. Singing

3.4.4. Marketing

3.4.5. Performing Comedy Rap Hip Hope Groups Solo Speaker Sermon Pastor

3.5. Financial

3.5.1. Inventions FS Sign Websites QQ BM LXR FVH

3.5.2. Ideas

3.5.3. Parents Doctors Inheritance

3.5.4. Grandmother Homeowner Gift-Giver

3.5.5. Partnerships Matt Cambell Free Vacations Hawaii

3.5.6. Accounts Website Hosting

3.5.7. Tours and Activities Zoho Booking

3.6. Family

3.6.1. Cousins California Paul Israel Email from Recent Relative Germany Clemmens Nadine Jasmine

3.6.2. Sisters Models Friends Opportunity Beautiful

3.6.3. Parents Doctors Rich Residents Hawaii

3.6.4. Grandmother Rich Multi-Millionaire

3.7. Social

3.7.1. Leadership Small Group Bible Study Mastermind Website Team

3.7.2. Church Bethel Westmount

3.7.3. Gatherings Events Worldwide

3.7.4. College Simpson Christian University

3.8. Environment

3.8.1. Tools iPad2 Macbook Pro Samsung Galaxy SII d30 Case Extended Battery Money Wild Card

4. Talent

4.1. Rap

4.1.1. Freestyle

4.1.2. Writing

4.1.3. Vocabulary Flocabulary MasterWriter

4.1.4. Friends Freddy Fred Beat Makers

4.1.5. Ideas Albums Just Us Cross Eyed Fathers Nature Power Prayer Sermon on the Mic Favor Inheritance Books Confess the Truth P48X

4.2. Communication

4.2.1. Public Speaking

4.2.2. Books Author Keys to People Read 5 Essential People Skills

4.2.3. Websites Christian Social Skills Podcast

4.3. Humor

4.3.1. Stand Up Routine

4.3.2. T Shirts Laughrica Logo

4.4. Prayer

4.4.1. Website BestPrayerRequest GlobalPrayerTowers Timothy Middlebrook I have called the Midnight Prayer Line and have been commissioned to built Timothy's website under our hosting. I have put his websites up and introduced him to Rabbi Ron Arnow and more.

4.4.2. NB88 Edit Prayer

4.4.3. YouTube Channel thepowerprayers PowerPrayerTV Playlist Videos

4.5. Mind Mapping

4.5.1. Website Christian Membership Partnerships

4.5.2. Wilderness Supplies Drawing Stickers Highlighters Questions Ask Import

4.6. Technology

4.6.1. Tools

4.6.2. Experience

4.6.3. Vision Team Imagineering

4.7. Introspection

4.7.1. Quality Questions