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"Friendship" by Mind Map: "Friendship"

1. You can be nice and be friends.

2. Friends hang out at eachother's house.

3. Friends hang out with each other.

4. Friends play different games.

5. Friends don't have to be the same. They can be different.

6. Friends support each other.

6.1. Even if they lose a game.

7. Friends stick up for each other.

8. Friends might have a pillow fight.

9. Friends have balance and stability.

10. Friends can be different and can have different skin and different clothes and different houses and shoes.

10.1. Diversity

11. Friends help each other.

11.1. With school

12. Sit with them at lunch.

13. Talk to them.

14. Play with them at recess.

15. Play games like xBox.

16. Can have different emotions and feelings.

16.1. They can be mad or happy or sad or angry with each other.

17. Best friends don't be mean.

18. Best friends sometimes fight.

18.1. When friends fight, say you're sorry, apologize, and forgive each other.

19. Friends do not argue.

20. Friends have something in common.

21. Ride roller coasters and go to Six Flags

22. Friends share things.

23. Friends don't bully or make fun of others.

23.1. Rachel's Challenge

23.2. Don't tease, mock, or call each other names.