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Forces & Pressure by Mind Map: Forces & Pressure

1. Calculating pressure

1.1. Force /Area

2. Increasing and decreasing pressure

2.1. Increase: Increase the surface area in contact

2.2. Decrease: Decrease the surface area in contact

3. Force

3.1. A force is a push or a pull and are all around us. Everything we do needs a force.A force cannot be seen but the effect can be felt.

4. Effects of Force

4.1. Changes the speed of a moving object

4.2. Starts a stationary object or stop a moving object

4.3. Change the shape or size of an object

4.4. Change the direction of a moving object

5. How to measure force

5.1. Force meters

5.1.1. Extension spring balance

5.1.2. Compression spring balance

6. Important forces around us

6.1. Frictional Force

6.2. Magnetic Force

6.3. Gravitational Force

7. Pressure

7.1. Pressure depends on 2 things, the force and the area.

8. SI unit

8.1. Pascal (Pa)