If people in the public eye do their job well, does it matter what they do in private?

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If people in the public eye do their job well, does it matter what they do in private? by Mind Map: If people in the public eye do their job well, does it matter what they do in private?

1. No, to a small extent

1.1. What public figures do in public may not affect anyone negatively.

1.1.1. It is their right to do what they want in private.

1.1.2. Why should people feel bothered of offended if public figures do unacceptable things in private? Especially when it does not impact their lives in any way. No reason.

1.1.3. If the private affairs of public figures do not impact anyone in any way, they should be allowed to do what they please.

2. Stand: YES to a large extent.

2.1. People in the public eye serve as role models, especially to the youth

2.1.1. Negative actions of public figures may give people an excuse to behave negatively too.

2.1.2. For example, the actions of people in the media are exposed to a wide audience. Reality television shows showcasing wreckless or dangerous behaviour may influence people to mimick their actions.

2.1.3. If public figures do inappropriate things such as conducting fraud, money laundering and having affairs, the youth may be lead to think that doing such things are not serious offences.

2.2. If people in the public eye, especially leaders, do things that are not socially acceptable, they may lose support for themselves and this may affect their ability to lead.

2.2.1. What a public figure does in private can sway public opinion against him/her.

2.2.2. For example, a political leader who lacks mass support will ultimately fail in maintaining order within a nation. If most people have strong negative opinions of a leader, it is unlikely that they will simply do nothing and allow the leader to remain in power.

2.2.3. For example, a person who does immoral things in private will be more likely to give little regard to the negative impacts on anything or anyone as long as he/she achieves his/her aims. (to do his/her job well).

2.3. What they do in private reflect their own values which may affect the way they do their job.

2.3.1. For example, if a person in the public eye does things in private that are inappropriate, it is likely that the means by which he does his job is unacceptable, even if he does his job well.

2.3.2. Public figures may be doing their job well but their jobs may have been done using means that are based on values that are not ideal.