Theoretical Perspective

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Theoretical Perspective by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspective

1. Cognitive Developmentist

1.1. Jean Piaget

1.2. This is a comprehensive theory about the nature and development of human intelligence.

2. Interactionist

2.1. The socialogical terms of interactionist perspective were first coined by George Herbert Mead. The interactionist views the inner and outer speech. Vygotsky believed that the second year of a child's life their thought and and speech combine forces.

3. Nativist

3.1. Noam Chomsky

3.2. Chomsky argues that we have a LAD, which stands for Language Acquisition Device, which is an inborn linguistic processor that is activatvated by verbal input

4. Behavioist

4.1. B. F. Skinner

4.2. Skinner belived that children learn to do something because of its effects. His theory was called operant conditioning