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2009 eTech Ohio Conference by Mind Map: 2009 eTech Ohio Conference
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2009 eTech Ohio Conference

This is a summary of the time spent by Kristina Newman at the 2009 ETech convention held in Columbus Ohio February 2-4. The thumbs up = liked the session The Star = will probably start to incorporate in the classroom The Key = Keynote Address given by acclaimed speaker Blue Light Special = What I had to offer


Getting 100% of Your Students Engaged in Science Using Technology.

This session show ed me the effective use of Senteo type clickers in the science classroom. They demonstrated how to Engage, Explore, and Evaluate my science students.

My Teacher Display

I represented Fayette High School at the ETech convention by displaying my work in incorporating the use of ePortfolios in my Chemistry classroom. I spoke with many teachers from around the state who are interested in using ePortfolios and explained the benefits that have come from the use of this emerging technology.


Smartboarding in the Classroom

Presentation by Bret Gensburg

Transforming Education: Using Technology to Accelerate Learning

Presented by Daniel Burrus. Key Phrases The future is all ablout relationships Don't be a crisis manager, be an opportunity manager Its not the technology, its how you use it Teach to their future , not your past  Prepare Students for a Global Community Find ways to close the digital divide Prepare for new criteria for graduation  

What in the World is Moodle?

 Presented by Brian Pool I learned that Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System also known as a Learning Management System or a Virtual Learning Environment. It has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. It is used as a way to deliver content and assess learning using assignments or quizzes and uses many activity modules such as forums, wikis, and databases to engage the students.

From Collaboration To Communication: New Life For The Research Project.

Presented by David Huston This session showed me how to use web 2.0 to create and communicate a research project like a science research project or a final senior graduation project. 


Web 2.0 And You: A Leadership Perspective

Presented by Lynn T Ochs and Lani Ritter Hall (via internet) They told us how important it is for administrator to get on board with Web 2.0 which is the direction that the internet is going. Web 1.0, what most of us use now is read only. Web 2.0 is read, write and share. It is the future of the global economy. Wikis, blogs, voicethreads, podcasts, etc. is what the students need to learn to be able to compete in our changing world economy.

Leading From the Inside Out

Presented by Jeff Salz Inspiring address of one man's journey to discover the key to life and realized teh answer is inside. Great ideas on how to get in touch with yourself in order to reach your students.

Highly Efficient Moodling

Presented by Jim Murray Great ideas to streamline your Moodle site and reach the most kids without frustrating yourself or losing your goals in the technology.  

From the Digital Camera to Movie Maker - Showcase Your Classroom

Presented by Susan Enos Great tips and techniques for bring together a digital movie of your students' classroom achievments.

Future Plans

Web 2.0

I hope the school decides to get on board with the global community and chooses to try Moodle. It is a great way to reach all the students, archive our lessons, and to make sure the standards are being taught. I will start creating a Moodle site for my classes in anticipation of this forward progress.

Smartboard & Senteo

I have been inspired by Bret Gensburg to use my smartboard to its fullest capacity. There is no need to waste the awesome technology we already have by not knowing how to use all of its most engaging features.


My exploration of ePortfolios will continue for the rest of the school year and hopefully beyond. This introduction of capturing and archiving students' work it simply the steping stone to incorporating Web 2.0 in the classroom.