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ADDIE PHASE 1: Training Needs ANALYSIS by Mind Map: ADDIE PHASE 1:   Training Needs ANALYSIS

1. Plan out an Approach, To fill the Competency gap

1.1. Training Program

1.1.1. Curriculum 1 Courses Course 1 Course 2 Other learning modes Online

1.1.2. Curriculum 2 Courses Presentations Mentorship social learning Job Aids Learn by doing

2. Objectives

2.1. Define the target audience

2.2. Describe how to analyze training needs of the target audience

2.3. List knowledge & skills needed to acquire target competencies

2.4. Differentiate between a training issue and a system or organizational issue

2.5. Describe the best approach to creating and delivering training

2.6. Define the training curriculum including courses, job aids & more

2.7. Describe how to apply adult learning principles to improve the quality of training

3. Determine if there is a training issue

3.1. not an organizational or resource issue!

4. Define

4.1. Target Audience

4.1.1. Who are they? What is their background? What skills do they already possess? Any particular challenges?

4.2. Avoid mixing learners with diverse needs

4.3. Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

5. Assess

5.1. Resources

5.1.1. Trainers

5.1.2. Equipment

5.1.3. Time

5.1.4. Funds