AWS - All Services Overview

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AWS - All Services Overview by Mind Map: AWS - All Services Overview

1. Cryptography & PKI

1.1. CloudHSM

1.1.1. Process cryptographic operations and securely store cryptographic keys with this hardware security module in the cloud.

1.2. KMS

1.2.1. A managed service that makes it easy for you to create and control customer master keys, the encryption keys used to encrypt your data

1.3. Encryption SDK

1.3.1. Use this SDK to easily encrypt and decrypt data using industry standards and best practices

1.4. DynamoDB Encryption Client

1.4.1. Protect your table data before you send it to DynamoDB

1.5. Certificate manager

1.5.1. Create, store and renew public SSL/TLS x.509 certifications and keys

1.6. Private certificate authority

1.6.1. Create private certificate authority hierarchies, including root and subordinate CAs, without investment and maintenance costs of operating an on-premises CA.

1.7. Code Signing for AWS IoT

1.7.1. Sign the code you write for IoT with this service

2. Security, Identity and Compliance

2.1. IAM - Identity and access management

2.1.1. Securely control access to AWS services

2.2. Artifact

2.2.1. Download AWS security and compliance documents such as ISO certs and SOC reports

2.3. Cognito

2.3.1. Handles authentication and authorization for web and mobile applications

2.4. Detective

2.4.1. Analyze, investigate and quickly identify root causes of security findings or suspicious activates

2.5. Directory Service

2.5.1. Microsoft Active Directory run in AWS

2.6. Firewall manager

2.6.1. Simpilfy your AWS WAF administration and maintenance

2.7. Cloud Directory

2.7.1. An Amazon directory service that is "cloud native"

2.8. GuardDuty

2.8.1. Continuous security monitoring to identify unexpected and potentially unauthorized or malicious activity in your AWS environments

2.9. Inspector

2.9.1. Improve the security and compliance of your AWS resources

2.10. Macie

2.10.1. Fully managed machine learning and pattern matching to discover, classify and help protect your sensitive data in S3

2.11. AWS RAM

2.11.1. Use resource access manager to share your resources with any AWS account or organization in AWS Organizations

2.12. Resource Groups/Tag Editor

2.12.1. Organize AWS resources into groups, tag resources using any criteria and manage monitor and automate tasks on groups resources

2.13. Secrets Manager

2.13.1. Securely encrypt, store and retrieve credentials for your databases and other services

2.14. Security Hub

2.14.1. Get a comprehensive view of the security state of your AWS resrouces

2.15. Shield

2.15.1. Protection from DDoS attacks

2.16. Single Sign-On

2.16.1. Fully managed service to simplify managing SSO access to AWS accounts and business applications

2.17. WAF

2.17.1. Web application firewall for your CloudFront distributions or your Application Load Balancers

3. Database

3.1. Aurora/RDS

3.1.1. Setup, operate and scale rational databases in the cloud with ease

3.2. DocumentDB

3.2.1. Setup, operate and scale mongoDB compatible databases in the cloud

3.3. DynamoDB

3.3.1. Fully managed NoSQL database offered by Amazon

3.4. ElasticCache

3.4.1. Setup, operate and scale a distributed, in-memory data store or cache in the cloud (Redis or Memcached by Amazon)

3.5. Keyspaces

3.5.1. A scalable, highly available, and managed Apache Cassandra–compatible database service

3.6. Neptune

3.6.1. A fully managed graph database

3.7. QLDB

3.7.1. Quantum Ledger Database - is a fully managed ledger database

3.8. Redshift

3.8.1. A fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service

4. Storage

4.1. S3

4.1.1. Data storage managed by Amazon

4.2. Backup

4.2.1. Automate and consolidate backup tasks for AWS services

4.3. EBS

4.3.1. Elastic Block storage Storage volumes for ec2 instances

4.4. EFS

4.4.1. Fully managed NFS file system in the cloud

4.5. FSx

4.5.1. Fully managed Microsoft Windows file servers backed by a fully native windows file system

4.6. Snow Family

4.6.1. A range of devices that provide AWS compute and storage in offline environments

4.7. Storage Gateway

4.7.1. Connect an on-premise application with cloud storage through this gateway. File, Volume and Tape based are available

5. Containers

5.1. ECS

5.1.1. Elastic container service Container orchestration done by Amazon

5.2. EKS

5.2.1. Elastic Kubernetes service Kubernetes provided by Amazon

5.3. ECR

5.3.1. Elastic container register Amazons version of Docker Hub

5.4. App2Containers

5.4.1. Convert legacy java and .net application into containers applications through the CLI

6. Compute

6.1. ec2

6.1.1. On-demand Virtual Machines

6.2. batch

6.2.1. Run batch workloads on AWS Jobs Job Descriptions Job Queues

6.3. Elastic beanstalk

6.3.1. Write an web service in go, java, .net, python or ruby and this service will create your infrastructure for you

6.4. ec2 Image Builder

6.4.1. Create AMIs for your ec2 instances

6.5. Lambda

6.5.1. Functions as a Service Upload your code and lambda runs all the infrastructure Execute code in response to events triggered by S3 changes, DynamoDB changes

6.6. Launch wizard

6.6.1. As wizard that guides you through setting up Microsoft SQL Server

6.7. Lightsail

6.7.1. A wizard to create virtual private servers If you want a full repackaged stack like wordpress or joomla... you can use this

6.8. Outpost

6.8.1. Extend AWS infrastructure, services, APIs and tools to onPrem

6.9. ParallelClusters

6.9.1. Run your High Performance Computing workloads on AWS

6.10. AWS SAM

6.10.1. SAM... Serverless Application Model... Think of this as lambda + databases + event source maps

6.11. Serverless application repository

6.11.1. Think "Docker Hub" for AWS SAM

7. Machine Learning

7.1. Sage Maker

7.1.1. Fully managed machine learning service. Quickly build and train models and deploy them directly to production-ready hosted environments

7.2. Augmented AI (A2I)

7.2.1. Build workflows required for human review of ML predictions

7.3. CodeGuru

7.3.1. Get recommendations for improving application performance, efficiency and code quality in Java applications

7.4. Comprehend

7.4.1. Extract insights using natural language process from any text files in UTF-8 format

7.5. Elastic Inference

7.5.1. Attach low-cost GPU to ec2 instances to optimise deep learning inference costs

7.6. Forecast

7.6.1. Fully managed deep learning for time-series data

7.7. Fraud Detector

7.7.1. Fully managed service to detect suspicious activities such as fake account creation and online payments fraud

7.8. Kendra

7.8.1. Search unstructured test using natural language

7.9. Lex

7.9.1. Adds a conversational interface to applications using voice and text

7.10. Personalize

7.10.1. Real-time personalization and recommendations using the same tech as

7.11. Polly

7.11.1. Text-to-speech engine

7.12. Rekognition

7.12.1. Easily adds image and video analysis to your applications

7.13. Textract

7.13.1. Text detection and analysis for your images

7.14. Translate

7.14.1. Translate your text into another language

7.15. Transcribe

7.15.1. Is a transcription service for your audio files

7.16. Deep Learning AMIs

7.16.1. AMIs pre-built for deep learning

7.17. Deep Learning Containers

7.17.1. Containers optimised for deep learning with TensorFlow and MXNet, Nvidia CUDA and Intel MKL

7.18. DeepComposer

7.18.1. An AI-enabled music keyboard

7.19. DeepLens

7.19.1. Computer vision from AWS

7.20. Deep Racer

7.20.1. Reinforcement learning vehicle learning eco-system

7.21. MXNet

7.21.1. Define, training and deploy deep neural networks on a wide array of platforms

8. Management & Governance

8.1. Auto Scaling

8.1.1. Scale ec2 instances to match the demand for your applications

8.2. Chatbot

8.2.1. Enable DevOps teams to use Slack or Chime to monitor and respond to operational events within AWS cloud

8.3. CloudFormation

8.3.1. Create and provision AWS infrastructure

8.4. CloudTrail

8.4.1. Monitor AWS deployments

8.5. CloudWatch

8.5.1. Monitor all your AWS services

8.6. Compute Optimizer

8.6.1. Get recommendations to optimize your AWS usage

8.7. Config

8.7.1. Detailed overview of your resources and how the relate to one another

8.8. Control Tower

8.8.1. Enforce security, operations and compliance across your AWS organisation

8.9. Data lifecycle manager

8.9.1. Manage the lifecycle of your AWS resources

8.10. Health

8.10.1. Provides personalized information about events that can affect your AWS infrastructure

8.11. License Manager

8.11.1. Streamlines the process of bringing software vendor licenses to the cloud

8.12. OpsWorks

8.12.1. Simple and flexible way to manage stacks and applicaitons

8.13. Organizations

8.13.1. Consolidate multiple AWS accounts into an organization that you create and centrally manage

8.14. Service Catalog

8.14.1. Create, manage, and distribute portfolios of approved products to end users

8.15. Service Quotas

8.15.1. A service for viewing and managing your quotas easily and at scale as your AWS workloads grow

8.16. Service Manager

8.16.1. Provides a unified user interface so you can view operational data from multiple AWS services and enables you to automate operational tasks across your AWS resources

8.17. Well-Architected Tool (WA Tool)

8.17.1. A service in the cloud that provides a consistent process for measuring your architecture using AWS best practices

9. Developer Tools

9.1. Cloud9

9.1.1. Cloud-based integrated development environment

9.2. CodeArtifact

9.2.1. Artifact management for software development

9.3. CodeBuild

9.3.1. Fully managed build service that compiles your source code, runs unit tests, and produces artifacts that are ready to deploy

9.4. CodeCommit

9.4.1. AWS managed GIT repository

9.5. CodeDeploy

9.5.1. Deployment service that enables developers to automate the deployment of applications to instances and to update the applications as required

9.6. CodePipeline

9.6.1. A continuous delivery service that enables you to model, visualize, and automate the steps required to release your software

9.7. CodeStar

9.7.1. A wizard to quickly create and deploy application on AWS

9.8. Porting assistance for .NET

9.8.1. A compatibility scanner that reduces the manual effort required to port Microsoft .NET Framework applications to .NET Core

9.9. X-Ray

9.9.1. Makes it easy for developers to analyze the behavior of their distributed applications by providing request tracing, exception collection, and profiling capabilities

10. Migration & Transfer

10.1. Application Discovery Service

10.1.1. Quickly and reliably plan application migration projects by automatically identifying applications running in on-premises data centers, their associated dependencies, and their performance profile

10.2. Database Migration Service

10.2.1. Migrate data from your database that is on-premises, on an Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) DB instance, or in a database on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance to a database on an AWS service

10.3. DataSync

10.3.1. Simplifies, automates, and accelerates moving and replicating data between on-premises storage systems and AWS storage services over the internet or AWS Direct Connect

10.4. Migration Hub

10.4.1. A single location to track migration tasks across multiple AWS tools and partner solutions

10.5. Schema Conversion Tool

10.5.1. Makes heterogeneous database migrations easy by automatically converting the source database schema and a majority of the custom code to a format compatible with the target database

10.6. Server Migration Service

10.6.1. Combines data collection tools with automated server replication to speed the migration of on-premises servers to AWS

10.7. Transfer Family

10.7.1. A secure transfer service that stores your data in Amazon S3 and simplifies the migration of Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) workflows to AWS

11. Network & Content Delivery

11.1. API Gateway

11.1.1. Enables you to create and deploy your own REST and WebSocket APIs at any scale

11.2. AppMesh

11.2.1. Gives you consistent visibility and network traffic controls for every service in an application

11.3. Cloud Map

11.3.1. Fully managed service that you can use to create and maintain a map of the backend services and resources that your applications depend on

11.4. Cloud Front

11.4.1. Speeds up distribution of your static and dynamic web content, such as .html, .css, .php, image, and media files

11.5. Direct Connect

11.5.1. Links your internal network to an AWS Direct Connect location over a standard 1 gigabit or 10 gigabit Ethernet fiber-optic cable

11.6. Elastic Load Balancing

11.6.1. Automatically distributes your incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as EC2 instances

11.7. Global Accelerator

11.7.1. A network layer service in which you create accelerators to improve availability and performance for internet applications used by a global audience

11.8. Route 53

11.8.1. DNS in AWS

11.9. VPC

11.9.1. Virtual networking in AWS

11.10. VPN

11.10.1. Establish a secure and private tunnel from your network or device to the AWS Cloud

12. Media Services

12.1. Elastic Transcoder

12.1.1. Convert media files that you have stored in Amazon S3 into media files in the formats required by consumer playback devices

12.2. Elemental MediaConnect

12.2.1. A reliable, secure, and flexible transport service for live video

12.3. Elemental MediaConvert

12.3.1. A service that formats and compresses offline video content for delivery to televisions or connected devices

12.4. Elemental MediaLive

12.4.1. A video service that allows easy and reliable creation of live outputs for broadcast and streaming delivery

12.5. Elemental MediaPackage

12.5.1. A just-in-time video packaging and origination service that delivers highly secure, scalable, and reliable video streams to a wide variety of playback devices

12.6. Elemental MediaStore

12.6.1. A video origination and storage service that offers the high performance, predictable low latency, and immediate consistency required for live origination

12.7. Elemental MediaTailor

12.7.1. A personalization and monetization service that allows scalable server-side ad insertion

13. Internet of Things (IoT)

13.1. IoT Core

13.1.1. Enables secure, bi-directional communication between Internet-connected things (such as sensors, actuators, embedded devices, or smart appliances) and the AWS Cloud over MQTT and HTTP

13.2. FreeRTOS

13.2.1. A market-leading real-time operating system (RTOS) for microcontrollers and small microprocessors

13.3. IoT Analytics

13.3.1. Lets you collect, process, and store IoT data in a time-series data store

13.4. IoT Device Defender

13.4.1. Allows you to audit the configuration of your devices, monitor your connected devices to detect abnormal behavior, and to mitigate security risks

13.5. IoT Device Management

13.5.1. Use AWS IoT Device Management to onboard device information and configuration, organize their device inventory, monitor their fleet of devices, and remotely manage devices deployed across many locations. This remote management includes over-the-air (OTA) updates to device software.

13.6. IoT Events

13.6.1. A managed service that lets you monitor your equipment or device fleets for failures or changes in operation, and trigger actions when such events occur

13.7. IoT Greengrass

13.7.1. Seamlessly extends AWS onto physical devices so they can act locally on the data they generate, while still using the cloud for management, analytics, and durable storage

13.8. IoT SiteWise

13.8.1. Easily collect, organize, and analyze data from industrial equipment at scale

13.9. IoT Things Graph

13.9.1. Iintegrated set of tools that enable developers to build IoT applications using devices and services that use different data representation standards and communication protocols

13.10. IoT 1-Click

13.10.1. A service that makes it easy for simple devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions that execute a specific action

14. Mobile

14.1. Amplify

14.1.1. A set of comprehensive SDKs, libraries, tools and documentation that enables developers to develop and deploy cloud-powered mobile and web apps

14.2. Amplify Android

14.2.1. The toolkit to build native android application that use AWS services

14.3. Amplify iOS

14.3.1. The toolkit to build native iOS application that use AWS services

14.4. AppSync

14.4.1. Fully managed GraphQL service with real-time data synchronization and offline programming features

14.5. Device Farm

14.5.1. App testing service that enables you to test your iOS, Android and Fire OS apps on real, physical phones and tablets that are hosted by AWS

14.6. Mobile SDK for Unity

14.6.1. A set of .NET classes that enables games written with Unity to utilize AWS services

14.7. Pinpoint

14.7.1. Helps you engage your customers by sending them email, SMS and voice messages, and push notifications

14.8. Simple Notification Service (SNS)

14.8.1. A web service that enables applications, end-users, and devices to instantly send and receive notifications from the cloud

15. End User Computing

15.1. Workspaces

15.1.1. Cloud-based desktops for your users

15.2. AppStream 2.0

15.2.1. A fully managed, secure application streaming service that lets you stream desktop applications to users

15.3. WorkDocs

15.3.1. A fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service with strong administrative controls and feedback capabilities that improve user productivity.

15.4. WorkLink

15.4.1. A fully managed, cloud-based service that enables secure, one-click access to internal websites and web apps from mobile devices

15.5. WorkSpaces Application Manager (WAM)

15.5.1. A fast, flexible, and secure way for you to deploy and manage applications for Amazon WorkSpaces

15.6. NICE DCV

15.6.1. A remote visualization technology that enables users to securely connect to graphic-intensive 3D applications hosted on a remote, high-performance server

16. Analytics

16.1. AppFlow

16.1.1. a fully managed API integration service that you use to connect your software as a service (SaaS) applications (such as salesforce) to AWS services, and securely transfer data

16.2. Athena

16.2.1. An interactive query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3 using standard SQL

16.3. CloudSearch

16.3.1. A fully managed service in the cloud that makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for your website

16.4. Data exchange

16.4.1. A service that makes it easy for customers to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the AWS Cloud

16.5. Data Pipelines

16.5.1. A web service that you can use to automate the movement and transformation of data

16.6. Elasticsearch Service (ES)

16.6.1. A managed service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale Elasticsearch, a popular open-source search and analytics engine

16.7. EMR

16.7.1. A web service that uses Hadoop to make it easy to process large amounts of data efficiently

16.8. Glue

16.8.1. A fully managed ETL (extract, transform, and load) service that makes it simple and cost-effective to categorize your data, clean it, enrich it, and move it reliably between various data stores

16.9. Kinesis

16.9.1. Makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze video and data streams in real time

16.10. Lake Formation

16.10.1. A managed service that makes it easy to set up, secure, and manage your data lakes

16.11. Managed Streaming for Kafka (MKS)

16.11.1. A fully managed service that makes it easy for you to build and run applications that use Apache Kafka to process streaming data

16.12. QuickSight

16.12.1. A fast business analytics service to build visualizations, perform ad hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from your data

16.13. RedShift

16.13.1. A fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools

17. Application Integration

17.1. AppFlow

17.1.1. a fully managed API integration service that you use to connect your software as a service (SaaS) applications (such as salesforce) to AWS services, and securely transfer data

17.2. EventBridge

17.2.1. A serverless event bus service that makes it easy to connect your applications with data from a variety of sources

17.3. MQ

17.3.1. A managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ that makes it easy to set up and operate message brokers in the cloud

17.4. Simple Notification Service (SNS)

17.4.1. A web service that enables applications, end-users, and devices to instantly send and receive notifications from the cloud

17.5. Simple Queue Service (SQS)

17.5.1. A fully managed message queuing service that makes it easy to decouple and scale microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications

17.6. Step Functions

17.6.1. Makes it easy to coordinate the components of distributed applications as a series of steps in a visual workflow

17.7. Simple Workflow Service (SWF)

17.7.1. Makes it easy to build applications that coordinate work across distributed components

18. Business Applications

18.1. Alexa for Business

18.1.1. Gives you the tools you need to manage Alexa devices, enroll users, and assign skills

18.2. Chime

18.2.1. Is a secure, real-time, unified communications service that transforms meetings by making them more efficient and easier to conduct

18.3. WorkMail

18.3.1. A managed email and calendaring service that offers strong security controls and support for existing desktop and mobile clients

19. Customer Engagement

19.1. Connect

19.1.1. Is a contact center as a service (CCaS) solution that offers easy, self-service configuration and enables dynamic, personal, and natural customer engagement at any scale

19.2. Pinpoint

19.2.1. Helps you engage your customers by sending them email, SMS and voice messages, and push notifications

19.3. Simple Email Service

19.3.1. Is an email sending and receiving service that provides an easy, cost-effective way for you to send email

20. Satellite

20.1. Ground Station

20.1.1. A fully managed service that enables you to control satellite communications, process satellite data, and scale your satellite operations

21. Robotics

21.1. RoboMaker

21.1.1. A service that makes it easy to develop, simulate, and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale

22. Blockchain

22.1. Managed Blockchain

22.1.1. A fully managed service that makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks using popular open source frameworks

23. AR & VR

23.1. Sumerian

23.1.1. A set of tools for creating high-quality virtual reality (VR) experiences on the web

24. Game Development

24.1. GameLift

24.1.1. Provides solutions for hosting session-based multiplayer game servers in the cloud, including a fully managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling game servers

24.2. Lumberyard

24.2.1. Is a free AAA game engine deeply integrated with AWS and Twitch

25. Billing & Cost Management

25.1. Billing and Cost Management

25.1.1. Is a web service that provides features that helps you monitor your costs and pay your bill

25.2. Pricing Calculator

25.2.1. Is a web service that you can use to create cost estimates that match your AWS use case