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1. superior court

1.1. 1) Federal Courts

1.1.1. Determine law made by parliament/ legislature of a state is valid/ invalid.

1.1.2. Decide on disputes on any other question between states/ between federation & any other states in Malaysia.

1.1.3. May use consultative jurisdiction for federation/ states government when need arises

1.1.4. Can hear and determine any cases brought to it by COA & HC on criminal and civil matters.

1.1.5. Give opinion on any question referred to it.

1.2. 2) Courts Of Appeal

1.2.1. Jurisdiction to determine appeals from HC on criminal & civil matters.

1.2.2. Any other jurisdiction as may be conferred by/under the federal law.

1.2.3. Appeals are restricted by sec. 68 of CIA 1964. Amount of subject matter of claim <RM250,000,except with leave of COA order is made by consent of the parties order relates to costs only judgement of HC is declared to be final

1.3. 3) Hight Court

1.3.1. Civil Jurisdiction focus on matters in which magistrates & SC have no jurisdiction matters relate to divorce and matrimonial cases. Appointment of guardians infants, the granting of probate of wills and statements and letters of administration of the estate of deceased persons, bankruptcy and other civil claims (<RM 1 Million)

1.3.2. Criminal Jurisdiction Focus to offences on which magistrates & SC have no jurisdiction. eg : offences which carry the death penalty.

1.3.3. Appellate Jurisdiction HC hear appeals from magistrates & SC in both civil & criminal matters. Amount must > RM 10,000 except where it involves a question of law.

1.3.4. Supervisory and revisionary Jurisdiction over all subordinate courts under sec.31 CIA 1964

2. subordinate/lower court

2.1. 1) Session Court

2.1.1. Civil Jurisdiction All criminal matters : motor vehicle accidents, landlord-tenant, distress actions. Other matters where amount in dispute < RM 1 Million

2.1.2. Criminal Jurisdiction All criminal offences except those punishable by death.

2.2. 2) Magistrate Court

2.2.1. 1st class magistrates civil: amount dispute <RM 100,00 criminal offence in punishable by a fine only- cover majority of traffic offences. offence provides for a term of inprison ment <10 years. cannot impose term of imprisonment not > 5 years fine up to Rm 10,000 Whipping exceeding 12 strokes. any sentences combining any of the sentences above.

2.2.2. 2nd magistrates civil Hear civil case where Pf seeks to recover a debt/ liquidated demand in money payable by Df. with/ without interest not > RM 10,0000 amount claimed not > RM 5000 Must prepare to conduct the case by yourself as legal representation is not permitted. Criminal offence is punishable by a fine only offence provides for a term of imprisonment not > 12 months May pass a sentence Term of imprisonments not > 6 months fine not > RM 1000 any sentence combining any of the sentences above.