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Australia by Mind Map: Australia

1. The Aborigines

1.1. they were the first inhabaitants af autralia and they came from south Asia

1.2. Way of living

1.2.1. They hunted and ate roots and insects

1.2.2. They lived in tribes.

1.2.3. They were nomades.

1.2.4. They did not live in houses; they lived in shelters

1.3. weapons, tools, instruments

1.3.1. They had a boomerang

1.3.2. The didgeridoo is a kind of trumphet

1.4. Language

1.4.1. They used sign language to speak with tribes who spoke diffent languages. They had 300 different languages

1.5. the people

1.5.1. The adult Aborigines hair is dark

1.5.2. An Aborigines childs hair is light

1.6. The Aborigines came from south Asia

1.7. no fair treatment by the European settlers

1.8. still differences in standard of living to the rest of the population

1.9. about 2.5% of the population are Aborigines or have roots of A.

2. Immigration

2.1. The first Europeans coming to Australia were sailors, mainly from Netherlands

2.2. James Cook was the first European colonizing a territory- Endeaver

2.3. People from almost all parts of Europe settled in Australia

2.4. Australia was used as a place for convicts - First Fleet

2.4.1. after 7 years they were allowed to return home, but they couldn´t afford ...

3. Cities

3.1. Sydney

3.1.1. biggest city

3.2. Perth

3.3. Canberra

3.3.1. capital

3.4. Adelaide

3.5. Melbourne

3.6. mainly in the southern part of Australia

3.7. more than 60% live in the biggest cities

3.8. Brisbane

4. Facts

4.1. Southern Cross is a star constellation

4.2. Australia is also called the Land Down Under

4.3. Australia is the worlds smallest continent

4.4. The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef in the world

4.4.1. THe Great Barrier Reef is 1930 kilometres long

4.4.2. The Great Barrier Reef is off the east coast of Queensland

4.4.3. it is threatened by the global warming

4.5. The capital city of Australia is Cannberry

4.6. there are six states in Australia

4.7. land scape

4.7.1. wildernes

4.7.2. beaches

4.7.3. outback

4.8. It once was english and it has english flag and queen

4.9. Weather

4.9.1. Hot

4.9.2. Warm

4.9.3. different in the regions (south ->cities)

4.10. 22 times bigger than Germany

4.11. currency : Australian $


5.1. rugby

5.2. swimming, surfing

6. Animals

6.1. Kangaroo

6.1.1. red kangoroo up to 2 metres up to 90 kg up to 70 km/h

6.1.2. grey kangoroo smaller 65 kg

6.2. koalas

6.3. wild cats

6.4. platypus

6.5. crocodiles

6.6. dingos

6.7. Jellyfish

6.8. venemous snakes/ spiders

6.9. flying foxes

6.10. wallabies

6.11. wombats

6.12. millions of sheep