Responsibilities of government department

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Responsibilities of government department by Mind Map: Responsibilities of government department

1. the hm inspectorate of probation ardygiaeth prawt EM; this is funded by the misistary of justice and they reoprt back to the justice minister. inspects the national probation service and youth offending teams.

2. her majestys insepectorate of prisons; hm prisons must be inspected every five years to make sure everything is ok. the full inspection consists of statisical data, staff, prisoner and visitor testimony. a prison should be safe for inmates and prison staff. it should provide education for rehabilitation.

3. nation probation service; this means if a prisoner comes out of prison after serving a sentence and if the commit another crime within a certain amount of time they will go straight back into prison. this can also be called petrol. probation can also mean that a prisoner will get suppervised so they get help to make a ne life and dont go back into crime. probation officers are employed to mintor and supervise the people who have left prison

4. hm prison service; this is the managers of the uk prisons and prisoners and there are 137 prisons in uk. 85,000 people in prison in the uk 4,300 of these are women (5%)

5. ministry of justice national offender management service. this is Chrispin Blunt and he has the job of reporting back to Ken Clarke. these two protect the public and reduce reoffending. the prisons and probation services make sure these are properly carried out. 260,00 people in the uk are currently under some kind of punishment.

6. ministry of justice; the head by secretary of state for justice is ken clarke mp. the ministary of justice works to protect to pretect the public and makes sure people do not reoffend. he also provides a more effective transprot and responce for the criminal justice system for victims and also the public. he emplys around 95,000 people and has a budget of £9.2billion

7. ipcc; this is investigating incidents of alleged misconducts. the ipcc was created in 2004and it is funded by the home office but is completely independent of it to ensure impartially which means that it isnt one sided. the main investigations they do is: incidents involving death or injury, police corruption, police rasism and perverting the course of justice.

8. her majesty's inspectorate of constabulary: these are who asseses the 43 police services in england and wales. they also do british transport police, civil nuclear constabulary and ministary of defence police. the thematic inspectors is the aspect of the performance of police forces like child protection. the best value inspection is police force spending its money effectively and command unit inspection is looking at leadship skills and how well the leaders are working.

9. healthcare commission, these deal with different complaintes made throughout the whole of the NHS, this includes: the ambulance service, gp surgeries, pharmacists,hospitals,school health services, private healthcare.

9.1. New node

10. fire authority has a similar role to the other authorities. North yorkshit - forest fires,arson and cave rescue.

11. west yorkshire health authority- this woeks with the NHS to focus on the issues specfic to w.yorkshire. for example drug addiction work.

12. wypa- this makes sure that the local police and councils work together to prevent crime in the local community.

13. north yorkshire fire and rescue serivce- 44,000 fire officers (3.7% female) there are over 3,600 appliances.

14. NHS- 105on a yearly budget and over 2million employees. the NHS is envied across the world

15. uk border agency- Each year 64,000 illegal imigrants are deported

16. west yorkshire police- 135,000 police officers in the uk. Now required to BA special constable for two years service before serving.

17. Army

18. Public services- 101,000 soldiers, 40,000 in RAF, 35,000 navy, 85,000 civilian staff. The public services have an overall budget of £39.46billion.

19. Ministers known as under-seceteries of state they assist the s.o.s in carrying out her job.

20. crime and security- nick herbert under secretary of state for policing, he reports back to Theresa May.

21. Under secretary for boarders and immigration. Damian Green

22. Secretary of state for health services- simon burns

23. fire and rescue services (Bob Neil MP) Specific responcibilites for the fire service including reqruitment, pay, equiptmen and appliances. the budget for this is 4billion. Under secertary for offender management.

24. Home secretary- Theresa May is the minister of the home office which means shes the person in charge of the whole home office. This intails policing, boarder & immigration, counter terrorism. She will set the national policing plan every 3 years and it sets the wadges, reqruitment and general policing policy.

25. Defence secretary- The minister of the defence used to be Liam Fox but it is not Phil hammond. He is S.O.S for the ministary of defence. This means he is in charge of the RAF, Navy and Army.

26. Secretaries of state- This is what the ministers of each one of the departments are called

27. David Cameron- He chooses who he wants as head of all the different departments. He decides this based on his expertise.

28. Prime minister

29. Secretary of state for authorities and loacal goverment- Eric pickles is respocible for the council housing and overview of loacal councils and small cover fireservices.

30. Secretary of state for health- Andrew Lansley is the minister of state for health so hes the S.O.S fir healthy responce to the NHS which is the biggest public service department. He has £105.6 billion budget to spend. The NHS has 2million employees.

31. Autorities are a link between local councils and local public services so that they can be told where to focus there fire/crime prevention