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Getting Involved by Mind Map: Getting Involved
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Getting Involved


try and use Kuliax

promote and demo

bug report and features request

share and help others

mailing list


rather difficult

Kuliax Development

Kuliax Release, Jobs, Forcing and focusing the devel, Arangging schedule and roadmap, List and decide what to include in the next release, etc, Take a note on FOSS current and lates progress, compare them with Kuliax, Creating Release Notes in every Kuliax release, Team, stwn, nuragus, Resources, Wiki, Bugtracker, Logs, Projects, Kuliax 7.0 Release, Description, Details, Roadmap, Milestone, RC1, RC2, Freeze Time, Final Release

Kuliax Distro, Jobs, Developing Distribution, Receive Bug Reports and Request Features, Fix Bugs and Implement New Features, Team, Developer, stwn, Packager, nugrahadi, Tester, Resources, Roadmap, Development Machine, Packages, Projects, Kuliax 7.0, Implement all specs

Kuliax Installer, Jobs, Develop Installer, Receive bug report and feature requests, fix bugs and implement new features, Team, nuragus, stwn, Resources, SVN, Packages, Projects, Installation, Upgrade

Kuliax Applications, Jobs, Develop Apps, Team, neofreko, fathirhamdi, Resources, SVN, Packages, Projects, LRC, GrubEd, start-stop-services app

Kuliax Artworks, Jobs, Graphic designer, Team, Aji adzy maniac, Sahal, Resources, SVG, Tools, Projects, Icon set, kde-artworks, kdm theme, ksplash, kside, Splash, GRUB, bootsplash, Wallpapers, User Interface, Usability, Publication Media, Stiker, Flyer, T-Shirt

Kuliax Documentation, Jobs, Create docs, Team, Resources, Tools, Online docs, Projects, Wiki, Guide, User, Developer, Tester, FAQ, H/W Compatibility List

Kuliax Translation, Jobs, Translation, Team, nuragus, Resources, Projects, KDE, Kernel, Indonesianisasi

Kuliax Media, Jobs, Administration Infrastructures, Team, ryan.oke, Wiki, Mailing List, IRC, fuad, Bugtracker, stwn, Log, SVN, IRC, Resources, Server, Projects, Wiki, Mailing List, IRC, SVN, Bugtracker, Log

Kuliax Publicity, Jobs, Public Voice, Mailing List, Kuliax Request, CD, Mailing Tools, Publications media, linux/foss website,, freshmeat, stiker, flyer, Roadshow, Resources, Desain Stiker at http://bla/bli.png, Tools, CDRW, Mail Client