Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world

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Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world by Mind Map: Environmentalism is a lost cause in our consumerist world

1. By recyling waste products such as plastic bottles, these waste materials can be used again to reduce the need to produce more harmful products and mitigate the increased disposable of environmentally harmful products. For example, The technology company "Motorola" have voluntarily extended our compliance with the European Union directive on the restriction of hazardous substances. The company has also been increasing the proportion of recycled materials that we use in our products. For example the housing for our MOTOCUBO™ A45 Eco, Motorola CITRUS™, MOTO™ W233 Renew, MOTO™ W388 Renew+ and Motorola SPICE™ mobile phones and our P793 universal portable charging device contain 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastic from water cooler bottles. In 2010, we launched the first set-top containing recycled plastic. The bezel of the QIP7100P2 contains 25 percent post-consumer recycled material.

2. Individuals can do their part by purchasing gree products instead of products that can potentially harm the environment. When there is a rise in demand for environmentally friendly products, companies will be motivated to produce more of such products to meet the rising demand.

2.1. As such, with the increase demand for green products and decrease demand in products that potentially harm the environment, less harmful products will be purchased, and less harmful toxic waste will be emitted. THEREFORE IT IS NOT A LOST CAUSE

3. Creations of green products

4. There is an escalting demand in newer technologies such as computers, cell phones etc, which these gadgets contain large amounts of toxic wastes within them. However, the thought of Environmentalism has not left the coporations minds. Environmentally green products such as "The Leaf Cell Phone" which wraps around the wrist and makes use of solar energy to power, and does not contain much toxic products within them.

4.1. This thus allows both consumers demand of goods be met, and at the same time, be environmentally friendly and providing a safe working environment for the workers manufacturing them.

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6. IUCN works with governments to ensure that economic, trade, and investment policies better integrate biodiversity considerations. It works with companies, industry associations and consumer groups to turn environmental concerns into action

7. Corporations (against)

7.1. Using recycled waste to reuse for manufacture

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8. Government (against)

8.1. Raise awareness about environmental conservation

8.2. Impose laws

8.2.1. Price ceiling Producers will be less motivated to create new versions of technology since they can only earn a fixed revenue. Materialistic citizens will thus not able to upgrade their technology regularly and this helps to conserve the environment

9. Inter-Governmental Organizations

9.1. You Mada

10. Organizations like International Union for Conservation of Nature promote envionmental awareness on a global basis.

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