Jim Collins vis-a-vis Drucker

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Jim Collins vis-a-vis Drucker by Mind Map: Jim Collins vis-a-vis Drucker

1. jimcollins.com

1.1. Jim Collins' Publications

2. Jim Collin's relevance today

2.1. Gore: We Need Sustainable Capitalism

2.2. The Smart Growth Manifesto

2.2.1. Outcomes, not income

2.2.2. Connections, not transactions

2.2.3. People, not product

2.2.4. Creativity, not productivity

2.3. Built to Flip [Fast Company 071219

2.4. First who, then what [Good to Great

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4. Exploring Drucker's influence on Collins

4.1. How do Collins' Built to Last companies compare with Drucker's purpose of business?

4.2. How do the "great" companies in Good to Great agree (or not) with Drucker's management theories?

4.3. Collin's Level 5 Leaders: A mirror-image of Drucker's idea of leadership?

4.4. Compare Collins' Hedgehog Concept with Drucker's Theory of Business

4.5. Compare Collins' and Drucker's concern for the Social Sector

4.6. Question: Is Drucker Collins' "model hedgehog"?

5. 問題討論

5.1. 總結Drucker與Collins兩人94年的會面對 Collins之思想,事業取向及專注目標的影响。

5.2. 設想在Collins的位置,他今天會怎樣回答德魯克的五條基本管理問題?

5.3. 試代入Collins的經驗,在德魯克的指導下,你會怎樣訂定個人目標並策劃未來?