Humanistic Therapy

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Humanistic Therapy by Mind Map: Humanistic Therapy

1. Humanistic Therapists focus on clients' present and future experiences, on conscious rather than unconscious thoughts, and on taking responsibility for one's feelings and actions.

2. Active listening- echoing, restating, and seeking clarification of what the person expreses and acknowledging the expressed feelings.

3. Rogers proposed that therapists' most important contributions are to funtion as a psychological mirror for the client through active listening, and to provide an enviornment of unconditional positive regard, charecterized by genuineness, acceptance, and empathy.

4. One of the most famous humanistic therapies was Carl Rogers' client-centered therapy.

5. Carl Rogers

6. How? The therapists listens, without judging or interpreting, and refrains from directing the client toward certain insights, a strategy lebeled nondirective therapy.