What it means to be a Teacher!

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What it means to be a Teacher! by Mind Map: What it means to be a Teacher!

1. Commitment:

1.1. Someone who's totally committed to teaching and who loves children. I don't think you can be a really good teacher without giving your entire heart to the children. I think a teacher has a commitment to the learner, the parents/guardians, family, society and the profession.

1.1.1. Code of ethics for registered teachers: Teacher have the; Commitment to learners Committment to parents/guardians and family/whanau Committment to society Commitmnet to the proffession

2. Organised:

2.1. I think organisation skills are very important to have as a teacher you need to be organised with your time, your students and your planning.

2.1.1. Code of ethics for registered teachers: Establish open, honest and respectful relationships. Develop and maintain professional relationships with learners based upon the best interests of those learners.

3. Knowledge/Skills:

3.1. To have a deep knowledge of content and also to have a deep knowledge of how to impart that content to children. To have the skills in various areas and to keep your skills updated.

3.1.1. Graduating Teaching standards: Professional knowledge: Standard 1: Graduating teachers know what to teach Standard 2: Graduating teachers know about learners and how they learn Standard 3: graduating teachers understand how contextual factors influence teaching and learning.

4. Flexible:

4.1. A teacher needs to be flexible enough to go with change; sometimes what you have planned does not suit the children and you need to be flexible enough to change the planning you have done and adapt to the needs of the children.

5. Challenging/Exciting:

5.1. Every day is exciting and challenging-using different teaching styles for different students; the challenge of learning something new every day, the multiple personalities of the children make the classroom an engaging and exciting teaching environment.

6. Positive influence:

6.1. We are with the children 6 hours a day, 5 days a week; our influence is a strong force in a child’s education. How you carry yourself in the classroom, how you model to the children; how your moods affect the children, the way you speak to them and the way you act.