Air Quality and Transportation Goals

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Air Quality and Transportation Goals by Mind Map: Air Quality  and Transportation Goals

1. Air Quality & Transportation

1.1. (AQ-1) Visibility

1.2. (AQ-2) Human and Ecosystem Health

1.3. (Trans-1) Mobility/Socio-economic Vitality

1.3.1. Usage % Travel to Rec Sites via Non-Auto Modes % Travel to Commercial Core Areas via Non-Auto Modes Non-Auto Mode Share within and into the Basin

1.3.2. Access Measure of Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Access to Recreation Facilities # of Commercial Core Areas Meeting Transit-Oriented Design (TOD) Standards Measure of Overnight Population (Resident and Visitor) Served by Transit, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Facilities

1.4. (Trans-2) Environmental Impacts

1.4.1. Vehicle-miles Traveled (VMT)

1.4.2. Traffic Counts