Definitions of Curriculum

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Definitions of Curriculum by Mind Map: Definitions of Curriculum

1. 4. As Praxis

1.1. The practice and practical side of a profession or field of study, as opposed to the theory

2. 1. As a Product - the structure and content of learning

2.1. The learning and teaching plan

2.2. Teacher and content at the centre of the process

3. 5. As a learning and teaching system

3.1. Eco system approach

4. 7. As a total student experience of learning

4.1. Students at centre of process

5. 3. As a process of learning and teaching

6. 2. As the courses that make up a programme of learning

6.1. Most common definition

7. 6. As the negotiated learning space between student and teacher

7.1. Constructivist principles

7.2. Social construct

8. 8. Liberating curriculum

8.1. Engaging with higher level of learning

8.2. Lifelong learning

8.3. Contribution to humanity

8.4. Affective domain