Tom Robinson

Use this mindmap to articulate the important qualities about the character you are studying.

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Tom Robinson by Mind Map: Tom Robinson


1.1. Kind

1.1.1. Helps Mayella when she asks for help, and doesn't charge her for it. There is no way Tom could of had the strength to beat up Mayella with one hand

1.2. Disabled

1.2.1. Has not been able to use his left arm since he was a child There is no way he committed the crime because of his disability.

1.3. Shy

1.3.1. When he was in the court room he does not say much and only speaks when he is spoken to. He is a shy and polite man and should be treated exactly the same as everybody else.


2.1. Scared

2.1.1. 'Mr Finch, if you were a nigger like me, you'd be scared to'. page 215 When Bob Ewell saw Tom with Mayella and started to chase him out of his house.

2.2. Sympathetic

2.2.1. 'Yes suh, i felt sorry for her' Tom felt sorry for Mayella when she didn't have anyone to help her around the house.


3.1. Different

3.1.1. The town judge him based on his looks, not by what kind of person he is. This is the main reason why he lost the court case, the white people of the town get more of a say, the 'negros' have no say.

3.1.2. Quote

3.1.3. African American The town is racist and very rude to the 'negros'

3.2. Rapist

3.2.1. Mr. Ewell has accused tom of raping his daughter mayella, most of the town believes him and don't even consider tom and atticus' points.

3.2.2. Quote

3.3. liar

3.3.1. The majority of the town don't believe tom, they believe the Ewells


4.1. Cripple

4.1.1. 'As he raised his right hand, the useless one slipped off the Bible and hit the clerk's table' page 209 Has a withered left hand at the end of a crippled left arm

4.2. Negro

4.2.1. 'Tom was black - velvet Negro, not shiny but a soft black velvet. The whites of is eye shone in his face and when he spoke we saw flashes of his teeth. If he had been whole he would have been a fine specimen.' page 212

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