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Lumix on the web by Mind Map: Lumix on the web
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Lumix on the web

Panasonic web-sites

product pages

product reviews


Concept of promo web-site,, discussion, photo bloggers, daily usage, different topics for the spreading Lumix ideas to users, FAQ, photogalley, photo school, master classes, how to, shooting tips, usage video, Contests, Lumix quest, Photo of the month, Best tip/lesson, product registration, monthly newsletter, contest participation newsletter, e-shop special activities participation, invitation to master-classes

B2B section, product presentation/brochure, motivation program for sales-man, points, prizes, stats, sales man feedback, elearning section

FT1 promo site

TZ7 promo page

online sales

monthly promotion

product reviews

product ranking

communication between users

Social media marketing

Social networks

Brand communities

Brand contests

Livejournal popular posts

Travelling communties sponsorship

Viral marketing




contests announcement

new products test


Official Lumix representatives

Online reputation management

Media ads

Banner promotion

Tourism web-sites

SNS banner placement

Dedicated web-sites

Web contests photo contest

Dedicated web-sites photo contest

Web PR

PR events, Article marketing

Dedicated web-sites Tests

Online sales channel

dealers web-sites

line-up presence


dealers autorization

Search engine marketing

Panasonic web-sites optimization

SEM ads in Yandex, Google, Rambler

SEM ads in Rorer, Magna, others

Media SEM in Yandex, Rambler

Boumerang SEM promotion